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Cloud Now: Deploy Workloads on Your Cloud of Choice with One Free Petabyte of Storage from Qumulo

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In case you missed it, earlier this month, Qumulo launched its Cloud Now program offering cloud builders the ability to create and test up to one petabyte (PB) of multi-cloud file storage at no cost.* 

Breaking Down the Barriers of Cloud Migration

Between the rapid growth of unstructured data, ever-increasing storage capacity requirements, and continued budget constraints, enterprises face a number of challenges migrating data-intensive workloads to the cloud. Cloud Now helps minimize those challenges by providing a no-cost, low risk environment to deploy a proof of concept at scale on the leading multi-cloud file data platform. 

Cloud Now eliminates project risk for massive scale proof of concept deployments by offering the rapid deployment of up to a petabyte of file storage with zero licensing cost, zero underlying infrastructure cost, and white glove support on your cloud of choice (AWS, Azure, or GCP). With Cloud Now, you can find the right workloads for the cloud and test your workloads faster without paying for software licensing and cloud infrastructure costs.

Zero Cost  

One of the most significant challenges organizations face when migrating workloads to the cloud is the ability to do so without exceeding the initial budget. With zero licensing cost, zero underlying infrastructure cost, and Qumulo’s white glove deployment support on AWS, Azure, and GCP, Cloud Now helps customers eliminate the risk of going over budget with massive scale proof of concept deployments.

Up to a Petabyte Free 

While storage capacity requirements are already at an all time high, organizations seeking to leverage their unstructured data are facing the challenge of migrating workloads to the cloud at massive scale. Optimized for your cloud of choice, Cloud Now offers the ability to deploy up to a petabyte of file storage for proof of concept workloads. You can use the same software defined storage stack on the cloud or on prem for a simpler data management experience across all of your all deployment locations.

Industry Leading Support

Despite 15 plus years as a destination for business workloads, the cloud remains a new frontier for most organizations. When an organization migrates to the cloud from a legacy architecture, they face additional challenges related to training and skill upgradation for existing employees. At Qumulo, we are known for our impressive NPS scores and for unwavering customer support. While there is no substitute for a properly trained workforce, our world class, white glove support makes it radically simple to be successful when moving your workload and running on the cloud.

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Qumulo’s ‘Cloud Now’ Program is your chance to test these benefits yourself completely free of cost. 

To learn more about how Qumulo is helping enterprises manage massive amounts of data across the world, contact us today. We at Qumulo hope to empower your mission – whatever it may be.


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