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Breaking Customer Satisfaction Records with Success

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Since 2015, Qumulo has used the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology to measure customer satisfaction with our product overall. Tracking customer satisfaction quarterly helps us evaluate trends in our customers’ experience of our product and gives us another touchpoint to gather feedback on where we can improve. 

Qumulo’s NPS has been steadily moving up into the high 80’s for our last two fiscal years and we are thrilled to reach 91 NPS in the last quarter. This is an industry-leading score, particularly in the storage market. In contrast, Dell EMC Isilon scored 4, and NetApp scored 7.  The overall technology industry’s current NPS score averages at 60.

How do we maintain these high NPS customer satisfaction scores? It’s pretty simple. While every company says it puts customers first; at Qumulo, we really mean it.  Let me explain how that works.

Customers are our magnetic field

At Qumulo we focus on customer success versus support. Each customer has a dedicated customer success manager who understands the customer use cases and uses that knowledge to proactively communicate about product issues or improvements. We hire and empower our customer success engineers to do what is right for the customer. 

Most customers communicate with us via our Slack channel, so it is easy to get a quick response or inform a customer that we are seeing an alert before the issue gets out of control. When a more complicated issue does arise, our customer success engineers have years of enterprise storage troubleshooting experience to draw on, plus a team of dedicated software developers who built the product to help them get to the root cause as quickly as possible. 

This unique approach to customer satisfaction means there is no need to call customer support, no support tiers, and no outsourced 800 number to call and wait in a queue.  It’s a simple chat, “How can I help you? We’ve got this. Next?”  

Bo Kennedy, Director of Architecture for Ovation Data, appreciates the immediate feedback. “You really form a personal relationship, which is unique from the tradition of ‘which key do I have to punch to talk to someone’ or to go through an anonymous support portal. Quite honestly, we know so many of the support people by name on the Slack channel.”

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Success is a journey

Our direct mode of person-to-person communication helps us understand our customers’ file data workloads and needs in context. It establishes an early and ongoing channel for product management and engineering to see what it is that customers need to do and consider how we could make that easier for them. In this way, we are in it together, and our customers are ready for a new feature when it’s released. 

In addition, our customer success team uses our cloud-based monitoring for trouble shooting and deep analysis. This system collects metrics and events from the Qumulo systems as they run and allows them to create visualizations to help identify problems. Our developers use the tool too. By understanding what customers are trying to do with their data using our software, we might be able to show them a better way. 

Jean-Paul Godmire, head of IT at Industrial Brothers found this to be true, saying:  

“Qumulo’s customer success team is remarkable. Even with simple requests, they go above-and-beyond what is required, helping us to address not just our storage-related questions, but ways that we can improve our workflows and continue growing our business efficiently.”

We build for radical simplicity

A great product is capable, delightful and affordable — this lays the foundation for customer success. At the heart of our product philosophy is the notion of simplicity. We seek to make complex problems simple by inventing on behalf of our customers. We help customers build big file lakes simply through our scale technologies, understand their data and workloads through our analytics, and create multi-platform workloads (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac) through our cross-protocol permissions, just to name a few.

According to Saham Ali, Falcon’s Creative Group, Qumulo’s analytics dashboard “allows us to quickly see what folders are using the most space and identify the bad actors to see who’s eating up all the bandwidth. As an admin, you don’t realize how important that is until you’re faced with it. We can quickly find where the biggest offenders are. To be able to look at the entire file system – to crawl the 19 million files we had at the time, took about eight hours previously. Now, it’s instant.”

Qumulo’s high customer satisfaction, reflected in our 91 NPS, is based on a company culture dedicated to our amazing customers and continuous development of a radically simple file data management platform that helps them succeed. 

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