Animation Studio Industrial Brothers Ensures Business Continuity During Pandemic with Qumulo in the Cloud

From “Kingdom Force” to “Dino Ranch,” Industrial Brothers produces top-quality children’s entertainment that’s viewed all over the world.

The fast-growing digital animation studio adopted Qumulo’s file data platform on-prem in 2019 to improve performance and scalability when creating new digital content.

But when COVID-19 hit Canada in early 2020, the Ontario province ordered non-essential businesses to close their offices. Industrial Brothers turned to Qumulo to quickly shift its workloads to the cloud and get its artists working in the cloud.

From Onsite Office to Cloud in Under a Month

When Industrial Brothers had to close its physical office in Toronto, it faced a significant business challenge. Its highly collaborative culture did not support remote work, and there had been no previous need to implement a cloud presence.

The team had to scramble to meet multiple show deadlines. Artists were dead in the water without access to their apps and data-intensive, high-performance processing capabilities.

The Qumulo and Industrial Brothers teams built the studio’s pipeline in AWS, leveraging Qumulo as the file data platform and Teradici to give a real-time experience from the remote creative workstations.

“Qumulo has been a huge game-changer. Now we don’t have to worry about whether our creative teams will have what they need to make tight production deadlines. That is how much Qumulo’s cloud file data platform has improved our business and our lives.”

Even when COVID-19 restrictions ease, Industrial Brothers’ physical office is a tight space. Social distancing will be impossible to observe if the entire staff returns.

Godmaire said, “Before the pandemic, we were considering cloud services at some point. But the pandemic forced our hand. For the foreseeable future, we’re in the cloud.”

Working Without Limits

The Qumulo file data platform runs the same enterprise file system in the cloud as on-prem. Data can be natively and seamlessly replicated between instances or across regions.

Today at Industrial Brothers, powerful connections between the data center and the cloud support remote users and data-intensive workloads. In the future, Qumulo’s easy scalability will enable the studio to support more artists and exciting new projects, including cinematic-quality Netflix productions.

Godmaire said, “I don’t want to say Qumulo saved the company. But we were relying on this solution, and if it didn’t work, I don’t know what we would have done. We consulted, deployed, tested, and onboarded the Qumulo cloud file system within three weeks, and then we were up and running. We essentially moved the office to the cloud in under a month. Kudos to Qumulo for making it simple.”

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Read more about Industrial Brothers’ work with Qumulo in the case study here.

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