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Safeguard your data from ransomware

It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” attacks happen. Qumulo helps you stay ahead of cyber threats and keep your customers critical data safe and secure. 

More data, more users, more at stake

A breach can cost an organization millions in ransom payments, lost revenue, and remediation costs — not to mention, long term reputational damage.

1 in 3

organizations experience a ransomware attack, with an average payment of a quarter-million dollars per incident.

IDC Ransomware Study: Where You Are Matters! 2021


of organizations say attacks have increased in volume, complexity, and magnitude in the past year.

The State of Ransomware 2022, Sophos whitepaper 2022


per minute: the average cost of unplanned downtime.

Ponemon Institute Research Report 2016

With Qumulo, protecting your data is simple

Qumulo makes it simple to build a comprehensive data-security strategy that covers your data everywhere it lives — edge to core to cloud.

Qumulo’s multi-pronged approach to ransomware protection

We knew that data security was going to become more challenging as data continued to grow and spread. So, we purpose-built our solution to make it as simple as possible to address threats at every level of your system.

Prevention | Secure your data by design

  • Data encryption at rest for all clusters, on-prem and in the cloud
  • Custom protocol stack code protects your data from Linux vulnerabilities
  • Non-disruptive upgrades keep you current on the latest patches
  • Over-the-wire encryption supported for all SMB3 and NFSv4.1 workflows
  • Token-based API authentication and SSO with MFA helps protect sensitive credentials
  • VLAN isolation lets you securely segment cluster data by tenant
  • Certified compliance with a number of external frameworks

Detection | Automate detection for rapid response

  • Seamlessly integrate with leading IDS solutions like Varonis 
  • Real-time analytics help you spot anomalous activity even at exabyte scale
  • Correlate and analyze audit and event logging data with any industry-standard SIEM solution
  • API-based management lets you automate fully customizable responses for quick remediation

Recovery | Restore with near-zero RPO

  • Immutable snapshots provide space-efficient protection at any level
  • Snapshots can be locked, preventing accidental or malicious deletion 
  • Replicate between sites or to/from the cloud for a cascading multi-site topology
  • Copy data to and from any directory to S3
  • Integrate with industry-standard backup solutions using our snapdiff API for 28x faster backups*

*Select ISVs who have integrated with Qumulo SnapDiff API include Commvault and Atempo. Speeds backup by providing instant deltas of changed files, eliminating need for tree-walk. 28x improvement based on lab tests with 1MM new files in 1,000 new directories, incremental backup over NFS using Commvault.

Support across industry-leading data protection solutions

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