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Higher Education

Digitization of higher education translates to massive amounts of data. Managing it is complicated.

Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere™ platform is designed to address the challenges education faces with scale and centralized management. We help schools leverage their legacy and cloud-native applications to accelerate and streamline data workflows, increase productivity and responsiveness to key constituents, and reduce infrastructure costs.

is the baseline of pooled storage for schools and universities with Google Workspace for Education (enough storage for 100M documents, 8M presentations, 400,000 video hours)
0 TB

Overview of Google Workspace for Education storage, Google 2019-20 School Survey on Crime and Safety, U.S. Department of Education

of public schools report using security cameras to monitor the building.
0 %

Computing Means for Schools, in Charts, EdWeek Research Center

of school districts report using Chromebooks across all schools
0 %

What the Massive Shift to 1-to-1 Computing Means for Schools, in Charts, EdWeek Research Center


Qumulo effectively handles HPC workloads with its multi-tenant functionality for data archiving and ingestion, which also simplifies IT administration. If universities need more performance than their on-prem HPC stack offers, Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere™ platform provides optimum storage capacity and performance to benefit multiple education disciplines. With increased use of the public cloud, as schools burst their HPC workloads in that environment, Qumulo also provides consistent performance in Azure and AWS.

Video Surveillance and Security​

Besides using Qumulo as primary storage, educational organizations can also utilize it for integration with video surveillance system software, to store video surveillance (CCTV) images, aerial images, footage from body cameras, or data from security devices, which can count in the thousands or more. Qumulo offers the scale and performance to support video surveillance, IT modernization, and school or district growth.

Digital Archives​

Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere™ platform can store exabytes of data without any performance loss. Our hybrid NVMe nodes, powered by intelligent caching technology, predicatively moves data to the optimal store based on observed usage. This means less accessed data is automatically moved to more economical HDDs, while active data is pre-fetched and accessed through the SSD and memory layer.

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