With decades of technical and business experience, Qumulo's leadership team is focused on building a company the world trusts to manage and store its data.

Bill Richter
President & CEO
Qumulo is on a mission to liberate customers from antiquated file storage systems sold by vendors stuck in the past. Everyday, we help our customers scale, save time and money and get to the cloud. We're in the customer delight business. As simple as that sounds, we didn't come up with the concept. We just listened to what customers wanted.

Bill Richter is President & CEO of Qumulo, where he brings over 20 years of leadership experience to his role. Prior to Qumulo, Bill was a Venture Partner at Madrona, where he invested in and advised emerging businesses across multiple categories. Before joining Madrona, Bill was President of the Isilon Storage Division of EMC, where he grew the business to $1.5 billion in annual revenue in 2014. After Isilon, Bill served as COO of EMC’s $4 billion Midrange Storage business. Bill holds a BA in Business Administration from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

Peter Godman
Co-founder and CTO
I want to create a large company that I want to work for! For me, great companies are about building cool stuff, that people love (and buy), with friends. So far, so good.

Peter Godman uses his expertise in distributed file systems and high-performance distributed systems to guide product development and management at Qumulo. He is the inventor of more than 20 granted patents in the areas of file system design, distributed systems, and shared-memory concurrency. As Qumulo’s founding CEO, Peter led the company through fundraising rounds totaling $100M, the delivery of Qumulo Core, and the acquisition of Qumulo’s first hundred customers. Prior to Qumulo, Peter served as CEO of Corensic, which brought the world’s first thin hypervisor to market. Before that, he was Director of Software Engineering at Isilon, where he led its file system team through several major releases.

Neal Fachan
Co-founder and Chief Scientist
As an engineer, there are a lot of ideas that seem really interesting technically, but unless you can solve an actual customer problem, the business won’t succeed

Neal Fachan brings 15 years of systems software experience to Qumulo. At Amazon Web Services, he designed and led development of advanced database technologies. Prior to Amazon, Neal was Distinguished Engineer at Isilon, where he provided technical vision for Isilon’s award-winning OneFS clustered file system, resulting in more than thirty patented technologies. Prior to Isilon, Neal worked in the Third Market group at D. E. Shaw. Neal holds a degree in Math and Computer Science from the University of New Mexico.

Mary Godwin
Vice President of Operations
Our suppliers are truly our partners. We want to work with them because of their leading edge technologies and excellent performance and quality. They want to work with us because they want great products for showcasing their technologies and a partner with a bright future. We are in this together.

Mary Godwin brings over 30 years of experience in leading, developing and optimizing Operations teams, processes, and supply chains. Prior to Qumulo, Mary was VP, Operations at Isilon where she led the team that supported Isilon’s transformation to profitability, explosive growth, and eventual acquisition by EMC. Mary has held executive positions at Solectron and Lucent Technologies. Mary holds a B.S. in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Eric Scollard
Vice President of Worldwide Sales
Customers love the visibility and control Qumulo gives them with our modern approach to storing unstructured data. Our legendary commitment to customer success is setting a new, higher bar for the industry.

Eric Scollard is a veteran sales executive with extensive experience scaling teams and growing sales in the storage industry. Prior to Qumulo, he was SVP of Worldwide Sales for ExtraHop Networks. At Isilon Systems, Eric was the first VP of Sales, where he built the sales organization from scratch and grew revenues from $0 to nearly $100M in less than five years. His efforts culminated in the most successful technology IPO of 2006. Afterwards, he laid the groundwork for an eventual sale to EMC for $2.5B. Eric has also served as VP of Sales at Ocarina Networks, which was acquired by Dell, and he was VP of Sales at Bycast which was acquired by NetApp. Earlier in his career, Eric held sales leadership roles at VERITAS, IBM and EMC, with growing responsibilities and results at each. Eric graduated from Gonzaga University with degrees in Economics and Speech Communications.

Jay Wampold
Vice President of Marketing
I came to Qumulo because it has what I believe are the three critical factors to creating a successful and enduring business: A big market opportunity, a best of breed technology platform and a leadership team that knows how to execute. This is Qumulo!

Jay Wampold is a well-known marketing executive with a history of building globally recognized brands and of scaling early stage companies into market leaders. Prior to joining Qumulo, Jay led product marketing at Amazon Web Services. Before joining Amazon Web Services, Jay joined Chef in 2011 as an early member of the executive team and turned the nascent open source business into a globally recognized band and leader in the in the DevOps market. Prior to joining Chef, Jay served on the leadership team at Isilon Systems and helped create the scale-out NAS category and define its go-to-market strategy. Prior to Isilon in 2005, Jay was a partner and Senior Vice President of SS+K communications. Prior to SS+K in 2001, Jay was a member of the early leadership team at RealNetworks, where he was instrumental in creating and leading the streaming media market.

Karim Fanous
Vice President of Engineering
At Qumulo we work on building incredible tech that customers love. We value teamwork and collaboration over individual egos, getting stuff done over procrastination and always doing what is right for our customers.

Karim Fanous brings 15 years of technology and product experience to the company. Prior to Qumulo, Karim was at Microsoft, first as a software engineer working primarily on VOIP and online conferencing-related technologies, then as a product manager for cloud-scale monitoring and alerting platforms. Karim has also held various roles at Booz & Company, where he advised Fortune 100 clients on their digital and go-to-market strategies. Karim holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BSc. in Math and Computer Science from the American University in Cairo.

Matt Frey
Chief Financial Officer
Every aspect of our business works to increase value we deliver to our customers. We constantly look for ways to help our customers maximize the efficiency and lower the TCO of their storage system through more efficient capacity utilization, faster performance and greater ease of use.

Matt Frey brings more than 20 years of experience leading and advising venture-backed and public technology companies, as well as extensive experience negotiating with, selling to and supporting software and hardware based solutions at some of the world’s largest corporations. Prior to Qumulo, Matt was CEO of Optimum Energy and president and COO of World Wide Packets. He was also a board member at Vitesse Semiconductor. Matt holds a B.S. in Commerce & Accounting from Santa Clara University.

Ben Gitenstein
Vice President of Product Management
Qumulo is the only product that offers file at the scale of object, on the hardware you want to use, and with analytics that save customers time and money. But maybe most excitingly, Qumulo runs in the cloud and on-premises, because we believe that the cloud is a platform for innovation not just a dumping ground for old data.

Ben Gitenstein runs Product at Qumulo. He and his team of product managers and data scientists have conducted nearly 1,000 interviews with storage users and analyzed millions of data points to understand customer needs and the direction of the storage market. Prior to working at Qumulo, Ben spent five years at Microsoft, where he split his time between Corporate Strategy and Product Planning.

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