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Resilient storage for video surveillance

You can’t afford to drop a single frame when protecting people and property. Qumulo helps ensure video surveillance data is always available when your applications and users need it.

Video surveillance data is being created faster than ever


of new video surveillance data will
be captured daily by 2025.*

4 in 5

organizations currently deploy advanced hi-resolution cameras for surveillance.*

*Statistics from IDC’s Video Surveillance Survey, 2022


more cameras installed from 2015 to 2021**

**Beyond the Numbers, Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 2021

Growth and variety of data creates management complexity

1000s of feeds with varying frame rates, compression rates, resolution, and retention requirements.

Storage silos make it hard to predict capacity needs and disparate ownership creates management complexity.

Complex workflows risk poor quality streams, human error, downtime risks, loss of data and non-compliance.

Why Qumulo for VSS workloads

Scale without disruption

  • Start small and grow to exabyte scale
  • Non-disruptive upgrades & zero-migration hardware refreshes maximize uptime
  • Rich API programmability to simplify administration for security teams

Support the needs of every feed

  • Cost-effective performance for the entire lifecycle of your data, without tiering or migration
  • Single mount point for simpler management
  • Wide VMS ecosystem compatibility

Secure and highly fault-tolerant

  • Maximize uptime and never miss a frame
  • Encryption at rest and in flight
  • Integrated real-time data analytics for visibility, predictability, and trend monitoring

Wide ecosystem support

Qumulo is certified to run on leading VMS solutions.

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