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Simplify desktop profile management

Azure Native Qumulo delivers elastic capacity, scalable throughput, and the performance your Azure Virtual Desktop users need for their FSLogix profiles.
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Elastic capacity and performance for your AVD workloads

Your AVD environment should be simple, scalable, and cost-effective. The right profile storage service is key to future-proofing your remote user environment.


  • Host thousands of AVD profiles in a single namespace.

  • Save over 40% on Azure file service costs for FSLogix profile storage.


  • Burstable throughput that delivers the performance you need when you need it.

  • Automatically lower capacity and performance back down again during off-peak periods.

  • Pay only for what you use.


  • Direct access to Qumulo support engineers within minutes.

  • Unique white-glove support model.

  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction.

Simpler, bigger, faster – at a fraction of the cost

Next-gen storage for all your next-gen workloads

Need to support more AVD users? Just add more users and watch Azure Native Qumulo scale automatically with your workload. No need to provision new volumes or track capacity usage on existing volumes.

Need more performance? ANQ can dynamically scale to increase IOPS and throughput when you need them, then scale back down again during off-peak hours. You pay only for the added IOPS and throughput while you’re using them.

Azure Files and Azure NetApp Files offer limited scalability and management complexity at a higher cost.Azure Native Qumulo simplifies storage management, with a PAYGO usage model that minimizes the cost per user.
“With ANQ we were able to cut our storage costs… and simplify our VDI management with a single namespace.”
~ Senior IT Leader
See how one customer cut their storage costs by 80%

Azure Native Qumulo and Nerdio - Better Together!

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