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Future-proof storage for financial data

The financial sector runs on data. You need a storage solution that can support today’s workloads and tomorrow’s challenges. Whatever happens, Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere™ makes data management simple and reliable.

Financial services generating massive data sets

the number of files in a typical financial services company.
124 M

Veronis Data Risk Report

the potential annual value of AI and analytics for the global banking industry.
$ 0 T

AI-bank of the future: Can banks meet the AI challenge?” article, McKinsey & Company

the number of financial services leaders planning to shift at least half their workloads to the cloud over the next 5 years.
50 %

Three big moves that can decide a financial institution’s future in the cloud,

Trust Qumulo with All Your Data across All Your Workflows

Whether you need high-speed storage on-premises for massive analytical workloads, scalable file services in the public cloud, or high-capacity storage for long-term data retention, Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere storage delivers unstructured data services that match any use case.

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Performance and Scale

One platform to support the varying performance and capacity needs of all your workflows.

Simply Secure

FIPS 140-2 certified encryption of all data at rest and in transit. Simple to integrate with your existing security infrastructure.


Scalable on-prem and in any cloud empowers you to support today’s requirements and tomorrow’s cloud plans.

Analytics for portfolio and risk management

A Qumulo cluster built with all-flash NVMe hardware can grow to exabyte scale, supporting billions of files, and still consistently deliver <1ms read latency to satisfy even the most demanding file and object workloads.

Data security for regulatory compliance

Qumulo delivers the same comprehensive suite of security features in the cloud – as in your data center. Encryption at rest and in transit, built-in replication, and seamless integration with IDS and SIEM platforms ensures your data is always protected wherever it lives.

Document management and retention

Your unstructured data is abundant and rapidly growing. In 12 months, you’ll have 30-50% more data than today, and will need to retain it for a while. Qumulo offers high-capacity storage that can easily scales, in the cloud or on-prem, to meet any retention requirements.

Edge to Core to Cloud

Ingest, analyze, replicate, and archive data, anywhere and everywhere.

Scale anywhere with Qumulo.

Data Management at any Scale

Scalable on-prem and in the cloud to host billions of files and exabytes of data.

Frictionless Support

Direct access via Slack to our L3 support engineers streamlines root-cause analysis and minimizes downtime.

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