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Scale on your platform of choice

We don’t force you to use proprietary hardware. You get to choose the platform that best meets your workload and procurement requirements.

What do you want to run Qumulo on?

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Performance options for all your business needs

All-NVMe Nodes

Support your performance-intensive workloads without the complexity of scaling hardware-based all-flash solutions. Qumulo runs on a number of highly dense, space-efficient, all-flash platforms from industry-leading vendors like HPE and Supermicro.

All-NVMe Nodes

  • No need to overestimate, start small and scale incrementally as needed
  • Simply swap nodes to upgrade, no rebalancing or migration needed for expansion
  • Use a mix of platform vendors customized to the unique needs of your business
  • Hybrid NVMe Nodes

    Support the needs of both your performance-intensive and data-intensive workloads with any of our Hybrid-NVMe platform options. Qumulo’s intelligent caching and prefetch technology gives you the speed of flash with the cost-efficiency of spinning disk.

    Hybrid NVMe Nodes

  • No trade-offs or compromise between performance and price
  • Support workloads of variable performance requirements with a single platform
  • Multiple performance classes available to meet your workload needs at the right cost.
  • of reads and 100% of writes go flash-first on hybrid nodes
    85 %
    90% of operations take less than 1 ms
    < ms
    uptime on all platforms
    95 %

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