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Public Sector

Protecting sensitive data, compliance requirements (FedRAMP, CJIS), mandates to go cloud, an explosion of files, and operational complexity, makes managing unstructured data a challenge for the public sector.

As state and local governments work to digitally transform, the challenges of traditional storage solutions become more apparent; they’re costly, complicated to manage, and offer no clear path to the cloud. 

Qumulo provides a modern, unified, and future-proof storage solution that can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud and at the edge to support use cases like geospatial mapping. Governments and public sector organizations that can’t afford downtime and need cost-efficient performance across any environment — edge, core, and the cloud — trust Qumulo.

The public sector is generating massive data sets

of state/local governments have most of their systems and solutions in the cloud
0 %

FedRAMP Survey Results Report, Maximus and Genesys

of federal government offices have some (but not all) cloud-based solutions and systems
0 %

"Seeing Farther with LIDAR Using Tracking”,

of public sector organizations are rolling out, or have fully deployed data ecosystem initiatives
0 %

FedRAMP Survey Results Report, Maximus and Genesys

Geospatial Mapping

From mapping applications and urban planning to insurance risk analysis and climate change monitoring, public sector organizations need scalable, highly-performant, and reliable storage that runs 24×7. Qumulo scales from terabytes to exabytes in a single namespace, cost-efficiently supporting performance-intensive and data-intensive workloads with a single platform. Future-proof your storage for technology advancements like LIDAR, with a platform that’s simple for a lean IT staff to manage.

Regulatory compliance

With the Qumulo unstructured data platform, available in the AWS Marketplace for AWS GovCloud, your government or public sector organization can leverage both legacy and cloud-native applications and services via APIs to accelerate workflows, become more productive, and be more responsive to your constituents.

Cloud Compliance

Qumulo, with a unified Platform as a Service (PaaS) model that complies with many federal regulations, makes it simple to manage unstructured data in the cloud and helps you deliver services quickly, securely, efficiently, and reduced operational costs. Qumulo runs in any cloud, at any scale, with real-time visibility and seamless mobility between your on-prem and cloud environments.

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