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Scale on the cloud of your choice

Cost-optimized, high-performance, enterprise-grade, exabyte-scale file storage in the cloud.

You need the cloud to unlock new uses and insights for your data

The public cloud offers a full ecosystem of services that let you innovate with your data.

Simplify moving workloads from and into the cloud.

Access to cloud-native infrastructure

  • Infinitely customizable compute options
  • Unmatched data durability and uptime
  • Data lakes and data warehouses
  • Enterprise security posture management

Access to AI / ML services

  • Powerful analytical tools at any scale 
  • Simplify decision making
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Share insights with partners and customers

Elasticity and Agility

  • Consumption based pricing - pay only for what you use
  • Cost-effective use of scarce IT resources
  • Increase business agility to meet market demand

But the cloud hasn't delivered for file workloads

Up to 95% of all file-based apps are stuck in on-prem data centers because the cloud wasn’t designed for file data.

Limited Scalability

  • Upper limit of 100-500TB per filesystem/namespace
  • 10-20x higher costs to store file data in the cloud vs. on-premises

No enterprise features

  • Limited multi-protocol support
  • No interoperability with on-premises storage
  • Limited support (or no support) for snapshots, quotas, replication

Overly complex

  • No common management across on-prem and cloud storage deployments
  • Limited opportunity for automated data management
  • Cost complexity

Qumulo fixes what's broken in cloud-file storage

Only Qumulo enables full access to the cloud for all your unstructured data workloads.

Scale anywhere with Qumulo.

Exabyte Scalability

  • Scale seamlessly from 100TB to 100EB in a single namespace
  • Elastically scale throughput for the most demanding applications
  • Scale your data footprint without adding operational cost

Enterprise-grade features

  • Same data services – real-time analytics, quotas, snapshots, replication – as on-premises NAS
  • Multi-protocol support (SMBv2.1, SMBv3, NFS3, NFSv4.1, S3, REST) for all your unstructured data
  • Integration with Active Directory / LDAP, SAML
  • Rich, API-based management automation
Built-in replication across Azure and other clouds. Get mobility for your data center.

Management  Simplicity

  • Consolidate multiple Qumulo instances in the cloud, on-prem, and at the edge to a single data plane using Qumulo Global Namespace
  • Single-pane-of-glass management with Qumulo Nexus
  • Easily move data in and out of the cloud with Qumulo’s powerful replication engine
  • Single API library enables fully automated storage management everywhere

Power any workload in the cloud

Future-proof your mission-critical applications.

Energy & Resources
Subsurface modeling
Well optimization
Life Sciences
Genomics pipelines
Digital pathology AI

Higher Education
Research HPC
Data Migration

Media & Gaming
Video editing & VFX Render

Financial Services
Data curation/comliance
Active archives

Scale Anywhere™ on the cloud of your choice

Microsoft Azure logo image for Qumulo.

With Azure Native Qumulo, you can be up and running natively on Azure in minutes with just a few clicks.

Simple, automated deployment, configurable to meet your specific capacity and performance needs on AWS.

Also need to run in the data center?

Drive your critical workloads to the cloud of your choice

Future proof your enterprise by taking your apps with you wherever you need to go. 

Subsurface modeling
Well optimization
Imaging and analysis

Genomics pipelines
Digital pathology AI

Clinical trial data
Epic BLOB storage

Corporate shares
Home directories
Disaster recovery / business continuity

Video editorial
VFX rendering
Game studio builds

Data curation and compliance
Active archives

The Power of One

Qumulo’s powerful replication services can easily move data between any two Qumulo clusters, whether in the cloud or on-prem, eliminating the data gravity keeping your workloads in one place.

Same-day time to value on the public cloud of your choice

Scale to billions of files and exabytes of data, all in a single namespace

Single user experience, with all the same tools and features, on-premises or in any public cloud

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