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Qumulo Nexus

Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud file storage management doesn’t need to be chaos. Qumulo Nexus makes it simple.

More data, more tools, more problems.

Organizations that manage data across multiple platforms, sites, and clouds find that storing, managing, protecting, and moving data is becoming increasingly complex. More businesses are now contending with:

Tech sprawl

Too many point products “duct taped” together with 3rd party add-ons result in overly complex, expensive, and fragile solutions. 

Performance impacts

Managing too many different systems and toolsets is overwhelming for teams and costly for you – impacting performance and scalability.

Security risks

Siloed systems create more pockets of data blindness and security vulnerabilities. The more disparate systems you’re juggling, the greater the risk. 

Loss of continuity

Varying feature-sets between platforms means losing visibility into your data when moving it between platforms.

Performance impacts

Variations in how analytics are presented between platforms, make it hard to reconcile all your dashboards into a comprehensive picture of your entire data portfolio. 

Point-in-time disparities

Some legacy storage platforms’ analytics tools require a tree walk of the entire filesystem, impacting performance and giving you an obsolete picture of your data. 

A unified management experience for all your data, everywhere.

Imagine your entire data estate, from edge to core to cloud, all managed through a single console with identical tools, access, features, and functionalities for all your data, regardless of where it’s created or stored.

Monitor your entire data portfolio at a glance

See capacity metrics across all instances

View a complete file count for all deployments

Real-time view of active connections by protocol

Real-time view of all Qumulo instances, side by side

Key per-instance metrics at a glance

Simplify hybrid cloud and multi-cloud storage

  • Single pane of glass for all your cloud and on-prem deployments
  • One management point for all your unstructured data in any location

Monitor all activity from a single management plane

  • Real-time performance and utilization metrics
  • Hardware health for physical deployments
  • File and directory counts
  • Active connections by client and protocol
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage

For the sixth year in a row, Gartner® identified Qumulo as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage. To us, this is an acknowledgement that Qumulo is charting a path forward to shape and redefine enterprise storage.

Learn why we are consecutively named a Leader, and evaluate Qumulo in respect to other vendors in the report:

Same-day time to value on the public cloud of your choice

Scale to billions of files and exabytes of data, all in a single namespace

Single user experience, with all the same tools and features, on-premises or in any public cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions

Qumulo Nexus provides a single web-based portal from which you can monitor all your Qumulo instances everywhere – on-premises, at the edge, and on Azure, AWS, and GCP.

From that single pane of glass, you can see at a rollup level how much data you have everywhere, as well as your per-instance capacity figures. The dashboard view also shows high-level performance metrics for all your instances – IOPS, throughput, and latency.

Qumulo Nexus is included as part of every Qumulo licensing agreement.

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