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Introducing Azure Native Qumulo Cold

Azure Native Qumulo Cold is the most cost-effective solution for long-term cold file storage in the cloud. Exabyte-scalability, zero filesystem transaction fees, and as low as $9.95/TB/mo. 

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Run any workload in the cloud with no compromise

The Azure Native Qumulo Scalable File Service provides the scalability, performance, and economics to power any file-based enterprise workload in the cloud.

Azure Native Qumulo

Truly elastic capacity and throughput independently scalable to meet any workload demand. 

Azure Native Qumulo

The most competitively priced long-term file solution in the cloud for infrequently-accessed data.

Why Scale Anywhere™ with Qumulo

You have more data, in more locations, with more people needing access to increasingly hybridized workflows. Here’s why Qumulo is the only platform built for the modern enterprise.

Unified access to globally-distributed data

One management interface for all instances

Simple, predictable pricing

Unbeatable Economics

Simplify moving workloads from and into the cloud.

Elastic Performance

Unparalleled Data Durability

Cloud Simplicity and Speed

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Rich Enterprise-Grade Data Services

Qumulo named a 6X Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage.

Learn How Customers Succeed with Qumulo

Scale-out storage alone is not enough

Your unstructured data workloads and workforces are becoming increasingly distributed. Legacy scale-out storage can’t handle that. You need a solution that can Scale Anywhere™.

Qumulo for Data Centers​

Qumulo in the Cloud

Qumulo at the Edge​

customers globally
1000 +
higher NPS over competitors
2 x
countries deployed

Simple at Scale

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You have more data, in more locations, more people needing access, and more workflows. But not more budget and staffing. Qumulo enables you to do more with less.

Our platform for all your apps
Support all your apps and workflows at exabyte-scale in any environment – at the edge, in the core, and in any cloud.

Power file and object workloads
Consolidate all unstructured data onto a single platform. Access the same data via NFS, SMB, and S3 protocols. 

Automate more and manage less
APIs for every layer help you simplify management by automating operations across any environment.

No tickets or waiting for callbacks

Our Customer Success (not support) team is completely staffed by experts like yourself and are just a call, Slack message, or email away. That’s why we can resolve issues so rapidly – sometimes before you even notice them. See why our NPS scores are the best business.

The Scale Anywhere™ Era:

Navigating the Future with Our CTO's Vision

The Scale Anywhere™ Era:

Navigating the Future with Our CTO's Vision

Hear from our visionary leaders

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Customer Obsession
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Scale Anywhere

Where do you need to scale?

Qumulo in the Cloud​

Qumulo for Data Centers

Qumulo at the Edge​

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