Radical Simplicity

The new way to manage enterprise file data at scale, anywhere.

image showing the UI for qumulo's file data platform


Securely store petabytes of data on prem or in the cloud.


Easily manage with real-time visibility and predictive caching.


Automate workflows and build applications with advanced API.

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New! We're Expanding Our Offerings on AWS

New configurations enable petabyte-scale file data lakes with reduced cloud infrastructure costs.

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Cloud Migration with Qumulo

Dreaming of the scale, flexibility, and efficiency of cloud storage? Qumulo paves the path for file.
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Announcing Qumulo Studio Q

A remote post-production studio enabling creative teams to use Adobe Creative Cloud on AWS


Radical simple way to manage petabytes of unstructured data in any environment

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Faster time to results

IHME was able to respond in just 48 hours to the onslaught of COVID-19 projections, leveraged by governments and health organizations worldwide.

Cost-effective performance

UC San Diego Supercomputer Center  realized much lower operational expenses than with other storage solutions while doubling their cluster.

Freedom of choice

Cinesite moved 16K video rendering to AWS and overcame crippling storage performance issues. When greater scale is needed, Cinesite easily moves workloads for offsite rendering.


High performance file data platform for rigorous workloads in any environment

image showing the UI for qumulo's file data platform

Dynamically scale capacity and performance with Qumulo Scale.


Get real-time visibility into data usage with Qumulo Aware.


Qumulo Perform intelligent caching gives most reads all-flash performance even on hybrid.


Qumulo Secure automatically encrypts your data at rest.


Qumulo Protect uses efficient erasure coding, snapshots, and replication to ensure your data is always safe and backed up.


Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 is the easiest way to put your file data to work with thousands of cloud-native services and apps.


Automate and build applications with our advanced REST APIs in Qumulo Integrate

We are a new kind of file system with a different approach to NAS.

We’ve created a unique high-performance file data platform that includes powerful data services to help you manage the full data life cycle across cloud and on-prem environments.


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