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Experience Cloud Native Qumulo on AWS

Deploy Cloud Native Qumulo (CNQ) in your own AWS VPC. Drive the performance you need from your most demanding file workloads at a total cost of ownership that is better than on-premises storage.

Qumulo CNQ AWS Cloud Architecture

Deploy within minutes, scale within seconds, pay only for what you need


Disruptive Value

  • CNQ on AWS is the most cost-competitive cloud native storage solution on the market.

  • Performance elasticity allows for spend during peaks, avoid cost in troughs.

Zero Compromise

  • All the features  – multiprotocol support snapshots, quotas, real-time analytics, etc. –  you expect from file storage.

  • High performance file services for the most demanding applications

Native S3 Integration

  • Uses your own S3 bucket as persistent storage.

  • Leverage storage classes on your S3 bucket for further cost reduction: IA, INT, GIR, etc.

CNQ on AWS is file storage re-architected for the public cloud, delivering groundbreaking performance, elasticity, and scale.

Elastic performance that scales up when needed for demanding workloads.Flexibility to deploy using the EC2 instances of your choice.Automated prefetching and caching algorithms move recently accessed data to higher-performance tiers for faster performance.Unlimited storage, but you pay only for USED capacity (not pre-provisioned).

CNQ on AWS delivers a solution for file data services on all major industry verticals


Media and Entertainment






Healthcare & Life Sciences





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Is CNQ for AWS a SaaS?
No, CNQ for AWS consists of a Qumulo deployment on EC2 instances that leverage AWS infrastructure, disaggregating compute from persistent storage. The CNQ environment is managed by the customer in their own AWS VPC.
Please contact us for pricing.
CNQ leverages Qumulo as a software defined storage solution that runs on commodity hardware, including EC2 instances in AWS instances. The software is deployed on a minimum of four EC2 instances (minimum of 4) that run Qumulo’s data storage solution without any limitations.  See <Link to documentation> to read more about Qumulo’s enterprise data services.
CNQ is deployed via Cloudformation or Terraform from a private github repository. With CNQ, your choice of instance type can always be changed in-service to optimize spend. As an example, if you need 50% more performance you don’t need to pay twice as much to jump from 2xl to a 4xl.  Rather, you can add 50% more instances by growing a 4 node cluster to a 6 node cluster.  You can change to other EC2 types like i3en or m6idn while in-service.
Yes. We test with and recommend the i4i.2xlarge family of EC2 instances for basic workloads. At least four EC2 instances are required for a CNQ cluster. In the middle of the i4i family is the i4i.16xlarge, which is very performant and can deliver the most demanding workloads.
In the future, CNQ will support usage of storage classes that manage movement of files into more cost effective storage classes as files age.In the meantime, customers can enable different storage classes like S3 Intelligent Tiering or S3 Infrequent Access directly on their own S3 buckets.  However, doing so may incur unexpected API transactional charges based on CNQ’s requests to fetch cool or cold data.
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