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Archive your data at any scale

You need to retain old data, but you can’t afford to keep expanding your primary storage tier forever. Whatever your data-archive strategy is, Qumulo makes it simple and cost-effective to manage at any scale.

Archiving Data with Qumulo

Qumulo Primary to Qumulo Secondary

Run Qumulo on your preferred platform from vendors like HPE, Supermicro, and Fujitsu.

Qumulo Primary to S3

Run on your cloud(s) of choice. Qumulo can be deployed on all major public cloud providers.

3rd-Party Primary to Qumulo Secondary

Deploy at the edge to support your increasingly distributed and hybrid workloads.

Trust Qumulo with All Your Data

Make room on your primary storage by shifting your data to an archive tier. Use Qumulo for your high-capacity storage needs, or as part of your replication strategy to S3 storage in the cloud.

Data mobility at any scale

Qumulo’s built-in replication engine can move vast amounts of data from your high-performance Qumulo cluster to a secondary cluster, on-prem and/or in the cloud.

Archive directly to object storage

If your archive strategy uses S3 storage, every Qumulo cluster can move data at scale to any S3 storage target. If you need to restore any of that data, Qumulo’s bidirectional replication engine can bring it back just as easily.

Consolidate archive data from all your storage

Qumulo supports a wide variety of storage options – whether optimized for high performance or high capacity. Enterprises trust Qumulo as an archive target for their most critical data. With our native support for both file and object data workflows, Qumulo provides a scalable target for virtually any backup or archive solution.

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