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Demo Qumulo in a hands-on, interactive lab. No downloads or setup required.

Simplicity at scale, anywhere.

Explore Qumulo’s features in a fully functional, interactive environment. Choose from the list of hands-on labs below, split by use-case, and take Qumulo for a spin. Each lab will run right in your own browser, so no downloads or setup needed.

Lab A: Qumulo Core: Create + Configure a Qumulo Environment

In this lab, you can see how simple it is to create and configure a Qumulo environment. You’ll start by setting up shares and exports on a new cluster, then expand the cluster by adding two new nodes. Finally, you’ll test how Qumulo maintains data integrity and access even in the event of a node failure.

Lab B: Qumulo Shift: Transcode for Amazon S3​

With Qumulo, cloud integration is built right in. You’ll prove this for yourself by uploading a 4K media file directly to Amazon S3 storage using Qumulo Shift, and then by using Amazon Elastic Transcoder to create lower-resolution copies of the same file. For the final step of the lab, you’ll use Qumulo Shift to move those new copies back down to the local Qumulo cluster.

Lab C: Qumulo Aware: Real-Time Visibility + Data Analytics

This is a self-guided tour of Qumulo Aware’s real-time storage visibility and data analytics. You’ll learn how simple it is to track data growth, identify your busiest clients, and monitor overall cluster activity and health using Qumulo’s intuitive web interface.

Lab D: Qumulo Test Drive – Nondisruptive Upgrade

You may already know that you can scale a live Qumulo cluster by adding nodes without impact. But did you know that you can even upgrade your Qumulo Core firmware without disrupting your active workloads? This hands-on lab will show you how a Qumulo cluster can run a full upgrade while staying online through the entire process.

Try Qumulo for free, with your own data

Try Qumulo

Download a free VMware OVA file and create a virtual Qumulo cluster on your own hardware.

Try Qumulo
on AWS

Create a full-featured standalone instance of Qumulo on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
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Try Azure Native

Create a full-featured standalone instance of Qumulo on Microsoft Azure.

Try Qumulo on

Create a full-featured standalone instance of Qumulo on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
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