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Future-proof your IoT data

Whether you’re running a private cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud — Qumulo makes it simple to ingest and process data in one location and move them seamlessly across clouds and on-prem.

Prolific IoT data creates widespread value, if managed effectively

IoT devices projected by 2030 OR 198% increase in IoT devices between 2020 and 20302
0 B+

Number of IoT connected devices worldwide from 2019 to 2021, with forecasts from 2022 to 2030, Statista

of expected data volume from IoT devices worldwide by 20231
0 ZB

Data volume of IoT connections worldwide in 2019 and 2025, Statista.

of organizations feel there are challenges to creating value from IoT-related data3
0 %

349 Stunning Internet of Things Statistics 2023, Techjury.

Volume, diversity, and interconnectivity of IoT data requires a new approach 

Countless IoT sensors, applications, and devices are deployed on the edge with billions of files and multiple petabytes of unstructured data across hundreds, even thousands of locations. From healthcare and manufacturing to automotive and energy, every industry is challenged to store, process, and curate this data to give their business a competitive edge.

Complex workflows
Managing data for millions of devices globally with siloed systems can be a nightmare. Qumulo makes it simple to store, manage, and access data across multiple data centers, clouds, and edge locations throughout the entire data lifecycle.
Scale limitations
Disparate processes are inefficient at scale, especially when they require separate solutions that can’t share data. Qumulo gives you a single, cross-protocol platform that unifies access for file and object data across hundreds of sites.
Data vulnerability
The more connected devices you have, the wider the attack surface for your critical data. Qumulo’s multi-pronged unstructured data platform keeps all your data Simply Secure no matter where you deploy and manage them.

Qumulo Helps Manufacturers Scale Anywhere™

Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere™ platform addresses manufacturing’s key data storage challenges. 

Simple management for dynamic IoT workflows
  • Cost-effective performance for high-velocity data from IoT systems, without tiering or migration

  • Maximum storage efficiency with no performance loss even at 100% capacity utilization
  • Maximum storage efficiency with no performance loss even at 100% capacity utilization
    Scale anywhere with Qumulo.
    Scale without limits
  • Scale performance and capacity linearly as your IoT data volumes and needs grow

  • Flexible infrastructure supports any setup—on-premise, cloud, or hybrid—allowing you to choose what suits your needs.
  • Secure and protect data long-term
  • Encryption at rest and in flight, RBAC, auditing, snapshots, and continuous replication, keeps your sensitive data protected

  • Built-in, real-time analytics provide visibility of data use and system performance with IoT applications, helping you spot anomalies and address threats before they become a bigger problem.
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