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Intelligent Manufacturing

Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere™ platform can help. We support storage on-premises, at remote facilities and in the cloud.  

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Intelligent manufacturing is generating massive data sets

of manufacturers plan to implement digital twins by 2024
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Operational Investments: 5 CPGs Predicting the Future with Digital Twins, CGT

of manufacturers globally us AI
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Operational Investments: 5 CPGs Predicting the Future with Digital Twins, CGT

of manufacturers cite better use of data analytics will drive improvements over the next 5 years
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Operational Investments: 5 CPGs Predicting the Future with Digital Twins, CGT

Data is Everywhere

 Manufacturing is rapidly evolving, delivering gains in productivity, flexibility, agility, and profitability. Driving these innovations are cutting-edge technologies, such as digital twins, AI, and advanced simulation software.

Digital Twins

  • Manufacturers are increasing building digital twins – digital replicas of physical products.
  • Digital twins require a high capacity, high performance store to capture real-time data from their physical counterpart.


  • Initiatives such as predictive maintenance are leading to increased adoption of AI in manufacturing.
  • Data lakes used to build accurate AI models require petabyte-scale factory-generated data.

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

  • IIoT used in areas such as digital twins, monitoring, automation, supply chain, and maintenance.
  • Storage platforms that collect IIoT require both capacity and speed to keep up with the volume and pace of data collection.

Manufacturing Data Storage Challenges

Data sits at the core of these advanced initiatives, but as this data grows, manufacturers are struggling with serious challenges:

Inadequate Transfer Speeds
Slow data transfer speeds can lead to delays in simulation and testing. Qumulo maximizes throughput across edge, core, and cloud environments with 90% of operations taking less than 1 millisecond.
Data Vulernability
Proprietary designs or processes and input from hundreds of connected sensors are both crucial and challenging to protect. Qumulo is Simply Secure by design with end-to-end encryption and all-inclusive data security services to keep your data protected in all locations.
High Costs
Supporting your performance requirements with budget constraints can be a challenge. Qumulo’s hybrid nodes with intelligent caching technology support your performance-intensive workloads with the economics of all-disk.

Qumulo Helps Manufacturers Scale Anywhere™

Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere™ platform addresses manufacturing’s key data storage challenges. 

Get unlimited scale in a single namespace.
Scalability and Performance
Qumulo's file data platform is designed to handle large volumes of data and high-speed read/write operations, making it well-suited for the large data volumes and real-time data processing needs of simulations and testing.
Cross-Protocol Implementation
Qumulo supports simultaneous data access across SMB, NFS, and S3 protocols. Users simultaneously use the protocols that best suit their needs across all use cases. By supporting multiple protocols, Qumulo provides the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of applications and workflows. This can make it easier to integrate with different systems and tools used in simulations and testing.
Data Protection and Consistency
Qumulo's platform is designed to ensure data integrity and reduce the risk of data loss. It provides immediate consistency, ensuring that all users see the same data at the same time.
Built-in replication across Azure and other clouds. Get mobility for your data center.
Cloud Integration and Flexibility
Qumulo offers a managed cloud file storage service on platforms like Azure, providing the flexibility of the cloud with the familiarity of on-premises storage. This can make it easier to scale storage resources as needed, and can provide cost benefits compared to traditional on-premises storage.
Data Visibility
Qumulo provides real-time visibility into data growth, busiest clients, and overall cluster activity and health. This can help users identify trends, spot potential issues, and optimize storage usage.
Data Security
Qumulo's platform includes robust security features to protect sensitive simulation and testing data. This includes encryption, role-based access controls, and audit capabilities.

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