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Azure Native Qumulo Available in 11 New Regions Across the EU, UK, and Canada

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Great news for our customers outside of the US looking to migrate their file-based data and workloads to the cloud: we’ve expanded the availability of the Azure Native Qumulo Scalable File Service (ANQ) across Europe, the United Kingdom, and Canada!

By the end of this month, Azure Native Qumulo will be available in 11 additional Azure Regions outside of the US, including France Central, Germany West Central, North Europe, Norway East, Sweden Central, Switzerland North, UK South, UK West, West Europe, Canada Central, and Canada East. Both new and existing Qumulo customers will be able to deploy exabyte-scale, enterprise-grade file storage in Azure to support their cloud-based workloads directly from the Azure portal in minutes with just a few clicks.  

For customers in the following geographies, ANQ will be available as a fully managed storage-as-a-service offering on Azure beginning on July 31:

Azure Region Country/City
Canada Central Toronto
Canada East Quebec City
France Central Paris
Germany West Central Frankfurt
North Europe Ireland
Norway East Oslo
Sweden Central Gavle
Switzerland North Zurich
West Europe Netherlands
UK South London
UK West Cardiff

While unstructured data in the cloud has steadily grown over the past decade, most of it has been object-based data. Conversely, most file-based workloads have been stuck in on-premises data centers due to lack of native cloud support for large-scale file systems.

The decision to simultaneously refactor and migrate a legacy application from on-prem file to a cloud-based object architecture can quickly spiral into a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment — an endeavor so large that turning back is usually not an option, and so risky that customers are very rarely satisfied with the end result.

However, as leaders around the world continue to transform their organizations, legacy applications and workflows are becoming unsuitable for the modern, hybrid enterprise. IT teams are now finding themselves sandwiched between conflicting forces; the weight and complexity of legacy file systems supporting apps that can’t easily budge from their on-prem homes, and rapidly evolving strategic and operational pressures driving more and more workloads into the cloud.

Azure Native Qumulo is now available in 20 regions across the US, EU, UK, and Canada.

For customers in Europe, the UK, and Canada who find themselves in this situation, Azure Native Qumulo makes deploying, storing, scaling, and managing file data in the cloud as easy as a few clicks. Customers can spin up a multi-petabyte, enterprise-grade file system right from the Azure Marketplace in 15 minutes or less, and easily move data at scale between their on-prem deployments and the cloud. 

Hybrid workflows requiring high performance and low latency – such as video editing for media and entertainment, subsurface modeling for oil and gas, vendor neutral archives for healthcare imaging, and genomic sequencing for life sciences – can now be deployed or moved to the cloud, in minutes, with no costly refactoring needed. 

Visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to get started with Azure Native Qumulo. For more information about the service including the deployment experience and common use cases, check out the recording of our virtual signature event. If you’re interested in a trial or have other questions regarding ANQ, contact us at or by filling out our contact form today.

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