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Storage for Video Editing

Whether you produce video in the corporate office, from a home office, or in the cloud, Qumulo has you covered. Our Scale Anywhere™ storage platform provides the capacity and speed you need to support video production wherever your teams work.

Video editing generates massive data sets

growth in the number of enterprises adopting cloud-based post-production over next decade¹
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Increased storage capacity and transfer rates required by 8K editing versus HD
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Video Editing Storage Challenges


Whether 4K or 8K, video production creates massive amounts of data.


Editing and rendering requires extreme data transfer rates.


Remote production teams are becoming increasingly common. Making production data available to remote teams is difficult.

How Qumulo Powers Video Editing

On-Premises Video Production

  • Flexible enterprise-class storage integrates with existing network and video editing applications.
  • Powerful all-NVMe hardware platforms deliver high performance for HD, 4K, and 8K workflows on-prem and in the cloud.
  • Start small and grow to exabyte scale as needed.
  • Get ahead of anomalies with real-time analytics.


Storage lies at the heart of VFX. With 8K DCI 60fps, a single second of VFX requires nearly 3 GB of storage! VFX studios need the ability to scale to very high capacities.

And, because shot production reviews must happen daily, viewing in real-time is critical to deliver on time, in budget and at the quality required.  VFX storage must also be fast. 

 And finally, there is the issue of where you store your rendered footage. On-premises? In the cloud? Remotely where much of your staff now works? For most studios, the answer is all three.

Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere™ can help. We deliver a fast, reliable, and scalable solution that meets the needs of demanding VFX. Our platform supports on-premise and cloud storage. And we work with the apps you depend on, like Blender, Nuke, and Houdini.

Qumulo’s Flash First Hybrid architecture provides the performance needed for artists and render farms, while providing a cost-effective option for VFX. And, unlike other storage platforms, Qumulo allows customers to use 100% of their usable storage capacity.

Qumulo’s real-time analytics allows VFX Supervisors to optimize creative workflows, and also allows System Administrators to identify potential issues before they impact production. Finally, Qumulo’s API-first mentality means pipeline teams can automate processes, saving time and money.

Video Production in the Cloud

Qumulo has partnered with Amazon AWS, Adobe and Teradici to enable fast, simple production in the cloud.

  • Effortless high-performance editing environment with multi-protocol support through any internet connection.
  • Dynamic scalability to support petabyte levels of growing video and editorial content and new projects, with built-in security and data protection.
  • Qumulo provides a preconfigured editorial environment in your AWS subscription for immediate use. Our high-performance, intelligent unstructured data platform meets the rigorous demands of mezzanine editorial workflows.
  • Enable creative, news, promotional, and long form content editors using 4K and 8K to do their work seamlessly from anywhere.
  • Get up and running with Premiere Pro in the cloud in no time. Bring your content to life from anywhere using any Windows, Mac, or Linux device.

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