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Enterprise proven hybrid cloud file storage

Qumulo is the leader in hybrid cloud file storage, providing real-time visibility, scale and control of your data across on-prem and cloud. Qumulo’s real-time analytics enable customers to understand their storage at a granular level, detect bottlenecks and accelerate performance. Built to scale across data center and cloud, Qumulo enables programmatic configuration and management of usage, capacity and performance. Qumulo’s innovative approach continuously delights customers with new capabilities, 100% usable capacity and direct access to experts.

A different type of storage company

Legacy scale-out and scale-up storage solutions were not designed to handle today’s data volume, file types, applications, and workloads. Legacy systems can’t provide the visibility, control, and scale that you need to manage your data. So we
built something completely different. Qumulo software design incorporates principles used by modern, large-scale, distributed databases. The result is a unique file system with unmatched scale characteristics.

The problem we solve

When you don’t know what data you have or how it’s being used, it’s difficult to make everyday decisions about how much you can afford to store, retain and share. With this lack of data awareness, or data blindness, you increase risk and miss opportunities. Qumulo is the cure for your data blindness.

Qumulo named a leader

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage

Qumulo has been named a Leader on the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage.

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By Paula Dallabetta It was a dark and stormy night. The phone rings. It’s the office. Your heart drops with surprise and horror. Your systems are entirely out of storage… This is a nightmare scenario for many storage system administrators. You do everything you can to...

Writing Procedural Macros in Rust

Qumulo’s software has been written entirely in C for a while. In recent years we’ve been flirting with Rust and the many benefits it has to offer - I’ve written about this previously here. Recently we’ve been working on writing our own LDAP client, and part of that...

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