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Qumulo with Arrow

Manage exabytes of active or archive data with the performance classes to fit any workload.

Performance and value with Qumulo and Arrow

Whether you need high-performance, high capacity, or a balance of both, Qumulo and Arrow deliver the performance and scale your applications need, with highly performant, all-flash hardware, or cost-effective hybrid NVMe nodes for optimal mix of capacity and performance.

Qumulo customers can choose from a range of Arrow nodes to meet your specific requirements. The Active Class includes both NVMe all-flash and hybrid nodes designed to maximize overall performance. Customers can also select hybrid nodes from the General Class that focus primarily on high capacity and archive workloads, while still delivering the write performance of flash.

All the data services you need from a single platform.

Qumulo’s software delivers secure high-performance data services, scalability, and simplicity on your choice of Arrow appliances.

Options to suit your business.

Qumulo’s software license is fully transferable between on-prem and cloud-based platforms so that your software investment is protected, regardless of how your storage strategies evolve.

Active All-NVMe

The Qumulo Active Class nodes are powered by the leading All-NVMe flash storage technology on the market. High throughput and incredibly low-latency enable unparalleled read and write performance.

Active Hybrid-NVMe

Qumulo’s Active Class hybrid nodes optimize performance by intelligently caching more active data to go flash-first based on usage. This results in the vast majority of reads and all writes going through flash storage while less active data sits on HDD storage.

General Purpose

The General Purpose class makes all of your valuable data, no matter how long it’s been archived, immediately available to you.

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