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Falcon’s Powers VFX Rendering with File Storage in the Cloud

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Recently, I reconnected with many of our customers when they shared their experiences at Qumulo’s regional “Q-Connect” customer events in North America and Europe. This blog series shows how three customers, with very different business models, are managing unstructured file data at scale. This first blog highlights Falcon’s Creative Group, an entertainment design company that takes immersive storytelling to the next level with VFX rendering of revolutionary media content. Falcon’s is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. 

VFX Rendering – How Falcon’s Quenched GPUs Thirst for Data

Falcon’s Creative Group is an entertainment and design company. “We’re basically storytellers that leverage architecture and technology to tell stories,” said Saham Ali. Qumulo partnered with Ali and his team for their work on “The Ring Experience at Halo: Outpost Discovery,” a 360-degree, immersive fan experience.

As part of their VFX rendering work with the project, Ali’s team had switched from central processing unit (CPU) rendering to graphics processing unit (GPU) rendering. “When we decided to jump over to GPU rendering, we realized they (the GPUs) were not only fast, but thirsty, meaning they were constantly asking for data from our dataset.” 

Falcon’s Controls Active File Data with Real-Time Analytics 

Qumulo’s real-time analytics helped them to address the changes in data traffic levels and take action. “We noticed tons of traffic starting to hit the network, and with the analytics we could identify the jobs going out of core and mitigate the issue by either stopping the job or finishing the job,” said Ali.

Qumulo’s analytics dashboard “allows us to quickly see what folders are using the most space and identify the bad actors too see who’s eating up all my bandwidth,” said Ali. “As an admin, you don’t realize how important that is until you’re faced with it. We can quickly find where the biggest offenders are. To be able to look at the entire file system – to crawl the 19 million files we had at the time, took about eight hours previously. Now, it’s instant.”

Creating Immersive 3D Experiences with LIDAR Scans

The projects that Falcon’s Creative Group takes on require that they stay on top of the latest advances in live action filmmaking, computer generated imagery (CGI), visual effects (VFX), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and audio design. Learn about the unstructured file data storage requirements for 3D and VR workloads from Ali as he explains how Qumulo helped Falcon’s Creative Group bring The Church of the Holy Sepulchre to life with LIDAR imagery from National Geographic.

Thank you to all our customers

The most satisfying part of my job is talking to customers. Hearing from them inspires me every day. We build technology so our customers can build amazing things for their customers. I want to thank every Qumulo customer for their trust in us. 

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