Experience Qumulo with 3 different ways to try!

It’s simple to get started. Just select the options that works best for you. If you are unsure which option to choose, check out the comparison grid below.

See Qumulo on a live cluster

Qumulo trial - see a live cluster

Get immediate access to a live, 6-node QC104 cluster, located in the Qumulo data center.

Run Qumulo on premise

Qumulo trial - try it on your own hardware

Download a free VMware OVA file and create a virtual cluster on your own hardware.

Try Qumulo in the cloud

qumulo trial - try it on amazon web services AWS

Create a full-featured standalone instance of Qumulo on Amazon Web Services for free.

Check out the details and find the right trial version for you.

Live Cluster On-Premise AWS Cloud
Setup difficulty No setup Medium Easy
Requirements Web browser VMware / Oracle environment AWS account
REST API Read only Interactive guide Interactive guide
Command Line Access No
Clustering 6-node cluster Minimum 4 nodes No
Analytics Continuous workload examples (~450TB) See your data + workload See your data + workload
File sharing (SMB, NFS) Read only View /Create / Delete View /Create / Delete
Snapshots Read only View /Create / Delete View /Create / Delete
Replication Read only View /Create / Delete View /Create / Delete
Quotas Read only View /Create / Delete View /Create / Delete
Tutorial Videos
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