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At SDI Media, a Deeper Perspective on File Data Drives Localization

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Recently, I had the chance to reconnect with many of our customers at our regional “Q-Connect” customer events in North America and Europe. This blog series shows how three customers, with very different business models, are managing unstructured file data at scale. This second blog highlights SDI Media Group, a global services provider that utilizes file data storage to localize television programs and film.

File Data Storage Forecasts Help Optimize Storage Capacity 

Conor O’Brien covers SDI Media’s global help desk, infrastructure services and network services. The organization is the world’s leading localization provider of dubbing and subtitling services for film, and television programs, spanning 32 facilities in 28 countries. His team looks after SDI Media’s global infrastructure and he admits, “We are quite challenged by the spread of the technology we support.” O’Brien presented at our EMEA customer event.

When examining options with his legacy infrastructure provider (Isilon), he stated, “It just wasn’t an appropriate option for us. They talked about their cloud strategy and I knew that wouldn’t ever work for us. It was very locked-in, a not scalable, not-agile approach.”

“In terms of Qumulo, they definitely had a different outlook on life and the way they wanted storage to work,” said O’Brien.

Historically, file data storage capacity management had been a problem for O’Brien’s team. “There was no good visibility across the estate. It was really very difficult to find out what was going on.” 

Now with Qumulo’s file data management, “The overall detail that you get from the cluster and the information from the dashboards, it’s so much deeper than what we have now and it allows us to make better decisions. It allows us to have a much larger conversation about our business – what our data is actually doing and how people are using our data. Overall it’s given us a much wider perspective of our data and our platforms going forward.” 

In the image above, O’Brien explained that the top slide is a forecast illustrating the trajectory of capacity utilization, which shows when the organization will run out of file data storage space.“That’s revolutionary, we’ve never seen that before. We can put a framework in place and start monitoring that better.” 

“It’s empowering for us,” said O’Brien. “You can’t believe how hard it was to get this type of information with our previous platform.”  

Thank you to our customers

The most satisfying part of my job is talking to our customers, and learning what they do is pure inspiration. At Qumulo, we build technology so our customers can build amazing things for their customers. I want to thank every Qumulo customer for the trust they’ve put in us. 

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