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Ovation Data Delivers File Data Storage as a Service

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Recently, I reconnected with many of our customers at Qumulo’s regional “Q-Connect” customer events in North America and Europe. This blog series shows how three customers, with very different business models, are managing unstructured file data at scale. This last blog highlights Ovation Data Services, a global provider of file data storage services with locations in the US and the UK. 

The business of preserving digital assets

Over the past 30 years, Ovation Data Services (Ovation Data) has evolved into a global leader in transcription, data management, and archiving services focusing on the oil and gas industry, and media and entertainment. During this time the company has become expert in geophysical data, tape transcription, broadcast and post-production, and overall data management. 

“We are in the business of preserving people’s digital assets,” explained Bo Kennedy, Director of Architecture, Ovation Data Services. Watch his candid presentation about the challenges they faced when moving into the hybrid cloud and how they’re using Qumulo to manage their file data storage-as-a-service business today. 

As a storage and infrastructure veteran, Kennedy recalled the legacy systems he and his team used previously. “Everyone knows the generation of the scale-out systems in the early 2000s, but Qumulo started with a clean sheet of paper and we liked that.”

Flexible, central data storage satisfies requirements

“We’ve been using other scale-out NAS products for decades and this has been far superior to anything we’ve used before. Other products had innovation, but Qumulo has refined all of those into a platform that has met all of our needs.”

“Without Qumulo, we couldn’t satisfy our customer requirements,” said Kennedy. “We use it for management and remediation and for distribution of data to customers. None of this would work if we didn’t have the flexibility offered by the central storage.” 

Kennedy appreciates the “immediate feedback” from Qumulo’s customer success team. “You form a personal relationship, which is really unique from the tradition of ‘which key do I have to punch to talk to someone’ or to go through an anonymous support portal. Quite honestly, we know so many of the support people by name on the Slack channel.”

“The fact that we can communicate and voice our concerns directly to the support folks without seven layers of phone tag is just tremendous,” said Kennedy. 

Thank you to our customers

At Qumulo, we build technology so our customers can build amazing things for their customers. Seeing what they do is pure inspiration. I want to thank every Qumulo customer for the trust they’ve put in us. 

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Watch more customer presentations on demand from Q-Connect East and Q-Connect Central to understand how Qumulo’s file data platform is helping them radically simplify enterprise file data management. 

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