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Delivering Customer Success vs. Customer Support

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“Customer Success.” While this may sound like a fancy, new-age way to describe “customer support,” it encompasses a great deal more than traditional support! It is a new way of discovering what works well with customers, tearing down the barriers that a traditional support experience introduces, and focusing on what really matters to customers.

Qumulo core values

At Qumulo one of our core company values is that Customers Are Our Magnetic Field. We even have this painted on the walls of our offices as a reminder of why we are in this business. Our goal – and it’s one we are maniacally focused on – is for our customers not just to feel “supported,” but to be wildly successful in their endeavors by using Qumulo’s technology, and delighted by their experience working with Qumulo.

Success comes in many shapes and forms at Qumulo. With our Customer Success team, the definition of success ranges from a new cluster installation going smoothly, to being able to resolve complex application compatibility problems.

Customer success is a journey

Success is not a destination, but a journey. At Qumulo, this is something that we strive for every day, it is what drives us to be better.

One of the many ways we achieve success every day is by providing our customers with direct access through Slack to a highly-capable team with storage industry experience. We use the Slack platform for the vast majority of our customer communications. We create a private Slack channel for every customer that includes their Qumulo account team, product management contacts, and the entire Customer Success organization. This allows every customer to have direct access to the various teams within Qumulo. Our response times can be measured in minutes versus hours when compared to traditional ticketing systems. And while we do have a traditional ticketing system if required, it is just one of several ways to contact us.

We do the hard right thing

Technical knowledge is not the only piece of the puzzle for a great customer experience. Our innovation, friendliness, and drive to “do the hard right thing” keep us focused on creating unrivaled customer success experiences and interactions.

Through my time at Qumulo, I have experienced what it truly means to be part of a Customer Success-focused organization. Our customers’ journey starts with a personal welcome email from the Customer Success team and continues throughout the life of our relationship. We’re with our customers as their data needs evolve and grow, and are part of their team, dedicated to seeing their business thrive.

Our unique Customer Success model and product development team make our customers excited to be a part of the Qumulo family, even when issues arise. Our customers are aware that they will have the Qumulo Success team to support them through thick and thin. Our customers see us as people that have been in the trenches with them, and teammates that are more than happy to help in any situation that arises. We take pride in handling issues from start to finish.

To us, this is really what it means to be focused on Customer Success. Issues happen, but how we react to them is truly what matters and leaves a lasting impression.

In Customer Success, we spend a significant portion of our time sharing our best practices so that customers can learn from our experience. This allows them to get the most out of their Qumulo file storage and sets them up for continued success, day after day. In addition, we also learn from our customers what works best for their specific environments! We take what we learn and update our best practices as well, providing direct feedback into the Product Management team to make Qumulo the best hybrid cloud file solution available. We advocate behind-the-scenes to ensure that our customers and their issues or requests are championed for.

The main reason that Qumulo invests in a Customer Success organization is simply that it’s the right thing to do. We love delighting our customers and want to ensure they are wildly successful, day after day.

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