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Test Drive Qumulo Aware

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Today’s IT teams have a lot of data to manage. With the scale of modern data, it’s not unusual to find over a petabyte of active data, comprising a billion or more files, even in mid-size organizations.

In addition to the logistics of maintaining enough capacity to store it, data at that scale presents another challenge: keeping tabs on all of it. Do you know how much new data you are adding every day, and which datasets are growing the fastest? Can you tell which clients are generating the most workload, or which data paths in your environment are seeing the most activity? How about the storage platform itself – can you track how busy it is, in terms of both IOPS and throughput? 

If your data is being hosted on legacy scale-up or scale-out storage, these questions may not be easy to answer. Some platforms – even at scale – don’t offer any storage or data visibility, while others may charge additional licensing fees for the capability. And if any of that data resides in the cloud, you may see a completely different visualization than you use on-prem, if it’s available at all.

Real-Time Visibility and Analytics into Your Data


No matter how much data you have – a single Qumulo instance can scale to dozens of petabytes and billions of files – Qumulo Aware provides real-time visibility and analytics to your entire cluster. You can see at a glance how many clients are connected, identify the busiest data sources and consumers, and track the day-to-day capacity changes of all your data.

Not only that, but Qumulo Aware delivers the same functionality and user experience – complete with intuitive UI and deep-dive visibility into your entire file system – whether it’s in your on-premises data center, or your AWS/Azure/GCP cloud subscription. 

You can even use it for troubleshooting. Qumulo Aware’s built-in performance counters and client tracking let you correlate historical performance and other issues in your environment with whatever activity was occurring on your storage at the time of the incident. 

And, unlike other unstructured storage platforms, Qumulo Aware is included with every Qumulo license, so there’s no added costs for the data visibility you need every day.

Hands-on Access to Qumulo’s Built-In Data Analytics

And now, you can experience Qumulo Aware for yourself, in your own, dedicated lab environment. With the newly released Qumulo Aware Test Drive hands-on lab, you can see for yourself how simple and intuitive Qumulo’s analytics engine is. Here’s how the lab works: Just like other Qumulo test drive labs, everything you need to experience Qumulo Aware has been pre-staged for you. You’ll connect to a fully-functional Qumulo cluster, complete with hundreds of terabytes of live data and active clients that you can investigate for yourself.If you’ve already experienced a test drive on the Qumulo Hands-on Lab portal, then you’re familiar with the process. After you submit a demo request, you’ll receive an email with a link to your very own lab environment. Once you’ve connected to your lab session, you’ll see a virtual desktop session with an open browser window waiting for you to begin. You’ll start on the Qumulo Aware Dashboard, which is the default landing page for the web user interface. From there, you’ll be able to check into overall cluster health and view the last 24 hours’ worth of data transactions and performance telemetry.

Self-paced, self-directed

While you’re free to take a self-guided tour of the user interface and investigate whatever you might find interesting on your own, a lab guide has been provided as well – accessible via the Story panel on the right side of your lab session.

We’ll guide you through the whole thing – from examining point-in-time throughput metrics, to investigating file system growth and activity, to reviewing the individual connections of the cluster’s active clients – as part of the experience.

Your lab session will last for up to 45 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the user interface and discover the capabilities of Qumulo Aware.

Try it for yourself today, and see how simple it can be to manage your unstructured data.

Data Visibility and Analytics at any Scale

With Qumulo Aware, you can easily monitor data usage, performance, throughput, and latency for every file, with up-to-the-minute operational analytics even at petabyte scales involving billions of files.

You’ll be able to see and understand the workloads you serve in real time, so you can rapidly diagnose issues, distribute cluster resources, and provide actionable information to your business clients.

Only Qumulo makes unstructured data at scale this simple.

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