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Deploy a Petabyte Scale File System to Manage Unstructured Data on AWS Over your Lunch Break

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Enterprises can now deploy the full capabilities of AWS Quick Start for Qumulo Cloud Q in under 30 minutes.

Through the launch of AWS Quick Start for Qumulo Cloud Q, we’ve enabled enterprises to deploy the full capabilities of Cloud Q on AWS–in under 30 minutes.

Today we are thrilled to announce the availability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Quick Start for Qumulo Cloud Q, with enhancements that empower enterprises to deploy Cloud Q on AWS in minutes. In doing so, this accelerates customers getting started with Qumulo for both trial and enterprise deployments.

Manage petabytes of unstructured data on AWS

With the AWS Quick Start for Qumulo Cloud Q, enterprises can quickly and simply manage petabytes of unstructured data on AWS.

Prioritizing performance and cost effectiveness, Qumulo’s multi-protocol file data platform enables enterprises to more quickly build fully cloud-native AWS file storage clusters, ranging from 1TB to 6PB, in the AWS cloud at scale.

Qumulo offers 1TB and 12TB AWS free trials in the AWS marketplace, so customers can try before they buy. (Note that underlying AWS infrastructure costs may apply, as this Quick Start requires a subscription to an AWS Marketplace AMI for Qumulo.)

Focus on innovation, not infrastructure

We understand that customers want to build fast on the cloud, and they expect to go from trial to deployment in minutes. AWS Quick Start for Qumulo Cloud Q helps them focus on innovation, not infrastructure, by building simple, fast enterprise cloud file storage. This is another example of how we at Qumulo work closely with AWS to deliver advanced, differentiated file storage for AWS customers.

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This new AWS Quick Start for Qumulo Cloud Q expands scenarios that customers can test, building on the success of Qumulo Studio Q–an AWS Quick Start geared for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. These are the easiest ways to leverage Qumulo’s Gartner Magic Quadrant leading capabilities on AWS.

Qumulo grew on AWS in 2021 due to a rapidly expanding roster of customers, including the biggest names in M&E, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Energy, and Financial Services.

“Without a high-performance file system in the cloud, our workflow would be impossible. Qumulo is at the foundation of our AWS storage solution. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to expand to the capacity that we have,” Jason Fotter, co-founder and CTO, FuseFX.

Qumulo: Supporting enterprises on AWS globally

Customers can now try Qumulo Cloud Q without being limited to a specific use case, and quickly see Qumulo’s technology make an impact during a 30-day no cost deployment.

The new AWS Quick Start for Qumulo Cloud Q Quick Start supports almost all AWS regions globally, and also supports deployments on AWS Local Zones and AWS Outposts.

To learn more about how your enterprise can accelerate work in the cloud with Qumulo on AWS, contact us today.

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