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5 Reasons You’ll Love Moving to the Cloud with Qumulo

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This blog post is the second in my series about moving to the cloud and explains why our cloud customers are so happy.

As we head into the holiday shopping season, Qumulo is positioned to be this year’s top choice in the file data software enterprises require to simplify cloud migration. Gartner recently released the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage and, for the fourth year in a row, Qumulo was named a leader, moving further up and to the right. As the only startup in the leaders’ section, Qumulo has been able to achieve this feat with far fewer resources and a much sharper focus than the others.

Why? Well, one of the major reasons for our Gartner Magic Quadrant four-peat are the advantages that Qumulo Cloud Q software offers customers moving to the cloud.

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Part one of this cloud migration series explored many of the tricks and treats of moving to the cloud. In this post you’ll learn the five major reasons that make Qumulo’s cloud customers so happy – and give you a preview of how you’ll feel if you put Qumulo on your holiday list.

The 5 Reasons Customers Love Moving to the Cloud with Qumulo

Reason 1: No Data Minimums or Caps

Customers can store and manage as much or as little file data in the cloud as they choose – no need to worry about data minimums or caps. A great example of this is our managed service on Microsoft Azure – Qumulo-as-a-Service on Azure. Azure’s native file capacity is 100 TB – we can scale from 20 GB to 20 PB and anything in between. On Azure, AWS or GCP — whatever your cloud migration data needs are today or in the future, choosing Qumulo as your cloud file data platform means you won’t have to worry about caps dictating what can go in the cloud.

“Our team has been able to sustain burst scaling at a rate of 1.3 million IOPS for upwards of 5 hours at a time, with peaks as high as 2 million IOPS. This is a level unheard of in the past, and it highlights how much Qumulo has helped us to condense our production timelines when required and allow artists to have more iterations in less time, overall resulting in higher-quality final work.”

Jeremy Brousseau, Head of IT, Cinesite Vancouver

Reason 2: Flexible, Hybrid Cloud and Multi Cloud

Qumulo Cloud users get to run a high-performance file system on the cloud of their choice. We already mentioned our fully managed Qumulo-as-a-Service on Azure but we can also run our software unmanaged on AWS for post production, remote video editing with Qumulo Studio Q QuickStart, or on Google Cloud, or users can deploy Qumulo Core software on HPE GreenLake on-prem or off.

Qumulo is at the foundation of our AWS storage solution. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to expand to the capacity that we have.

Jason Fotter, Co-Founder and CTO, FuseFX, VFX Studio 

Reason 3: Controllable, Predictable Costs

Choosing the Qumulo File Data Platform means organizations can predict expenses – with the ability to control how much data goes onto the cloud and a set price per TB, our clients can control costs and avoid a surprise or ballooning bill.

Qumulo’s performance and scalability on Azure makes it possible for us to focus on enabling business workflows while taking advantage of cloud technology. With Qumulo we are equipped with the freedom, speed and performance we need to rapidly innovate and transform our data into business value in any environment.

Sundhar Rajan, Chief Information Officer, University of Florida, Research

Reason 4: Defensive Layer for Disaster Recovery

Our Qumulo Recover Q solution allows customers to create a backup and disaster recovery second-site in the cloud. This allows them to have backups of their most sensitive data away from the data center in case ransomware or a natural disaster compromises their primary site.

“Our scientific findings are priceless, and our data is irreplaceable. With Qumulo, I know it’s fully protected.” 

Jason Krisch, Director of IT at Fralin Biomedical VT Carilion

Reason 5: Qumulo Is with You All the Way

Qumulo customers can feel secure about their cloud migration experience. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way and we have built strategic relationships with top data migration partners and the leading cloud infrastructure providers to help ease your transition to the cloud.

Qumulo has been a huge game-changer. Now we don’t have to worry about whether our creative teams will have what they need to make tight production deadlines. That is how much Qumulo’s cloud file data platform has improved our business and our lives.

Jean-Paul Godmaire, Head of IT, Industrial Brothers, Animation

Breaking Customer Satisfaction Records with Success

No wonder our customers are so happy! So happy in fact, we’ve held a net promoter score (NPS) of 80+ for 10 consecutive quarters – can your current NAS provider say that?

Is Qumulo moving up on your shopping list? 

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