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Cloud Disaster Recovery: Get to Know Qumulo Recover Q

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Cloud disaster recovery means having an off-site cloud storage environment for backup and disaster recovery. Enter Qumulo Recover Q.

It’s a scary world out there: Threats from ransomware and data loss are growing and becoming an increasing concern for data-driven IT departments. Data security is top of mind for enterprises as the threat landscape shifts, and implementing a cloud disaster recovery strategy is more crucial than ever.

A 2021 Reuters report revealed that ransomware incidents increased nearly 15% over the past year, with the health sector reporting the second-highest number of ransomware attacks. Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting critical IT infrastructure and services as remote work during the pandemic made more enterprises vulnerable to online cyber attacks.

Backup and disaster recovery in the cloud helps mitigate ransomware

To mitigate data loss, enterprises must take proactive steps and create a backup and disaster recovery plan before a ransomware attack occurs. An effective strategy requires IT departments to implement a layered approach to security that involves cloud disaster recovery and near-instant failover capabilities when file data recovery is being performed due to ransomware.


Cloud disaster recovery solution to help prevent data loss

Qumulo Recover Q is our new disaster recovery solution that helps enterprises minimize the attack surface that ransomware attackers target. Recover Q leverages disaster recovery in the cloud or on premise to resume operations quickly, and includes our foundational features such as erasure coding, snapshots, and replication in addition to market leading data analytics, performance, and scale to our customers.


Recover Q allows cloud based disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS)

A robust disaster recovery plan, also called a business continuity plan, means having an alternate cloud environment to store and backup your most valuable data. This is crucial for any modern business, as the cost of paying extortionists behind a ransomware attack can be astronomical. In a report by EMSISOFT Malware Lab, global revenue generated by ransomware attacks in 2020 was estimated at between $6.25B and $25B with each attack resulting in an average of 16 days downtime.

Businesses today cannot afford downtime or data loss. In the event that your primary data center becomes compromised, a best practice is to have a secure secondary cloud site with data that can replicate over. Doing so can help defend your data and information from data loss, cyber attacks, theft, or environmental disasters, and deliver the confidence of knowing that your organization can rapidly recover and maintain business as usual in the event of a data disaster.

Ensuring data protection, integrity, and rapid recovery are the core elements of a comprehensive cloud disaster recovery strategy. In this environment, choosing the right security-minded storage software to store your most sensitive data in a cloud that is off-site becomes paramount. Enter Qumulo Recover Q.

Recover Q is a flexible cloud disaster recovery solution that fits into any existing business continuity strategy

Recover Q simplifies business continuity and data protection with a modern cloud disaster recovery solution that supports today’s variety of IT infrastructures. Recover Q arms enterprises with powerful, built-in security controls to minimize the attack surface and replication policies that provide second-site ransomware recovery options that are future-proof and cost-effective.


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With Qumulo Recover Q, enterprises benefit in multiple ways:

  • Reduce costly data loss and service downtime
  • Eliminate redundant data centers to drive down capital costs
  • Available on-premises and as low-cost cloud disaster recovery

Using Recover Q as part of a holistic ransomware prevention strategy—along with modern cybersecurity software—can help enterprises deter ransomware attacks and prevent data loss.

Recover Q is Qumulo’s main cloud disaster recovery solution and brings all of Qumulo’s data integrity services to the cloud of your choice, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


This cloud disaster recovery solution allows customers to replicate data and snapshots offsite, providing an additional layer of security and near-instant failover capability in the event of ransomware or other data disasters. Recover Q can also help optimize your company’s spending on business continuity by reducing on-premises data center maintenance costs in favor of an on-demand, scalable cloud-native service.

Taking such preventative measures to mitigate data loss from ransomware attacks is essential for organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. That’s why Qumulo, through Recover Q, is helping our customers to radically simplify disaster recovery on-premises and in the cloud.

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Planning ahead before a data disaster strikes is your best path to effectively mitigate data loss in the event of natural disasters, ransomware, and routine hardware failures.

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