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Create high-performance file data lakes instantly in the cloud, at exabyte scale
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Enable high-compute workloads with data in its native file form.

Qumulo makes it radically simple to manage petabytes of unstructured data in the cloud, enabling high-compute workloads to power the apps and intelligent data services you need to continually do more with your data for customers.

Easily migrate workloads across clouds without having to refactor or rearchitect them.  No need to get stuck when doing cloud-based file data implementations and migrations – like you do with cloud object stores.

Launch Cloud Q on AWS and Google Cloud in minutes, across global cloud regions, while maintaining data sovereignty, control, and security postures. 

Fortune 500 companies across Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail, Space Exploration, and more all partner with Qumulo to scale, store, manage, and drive digital transformation using Cloud Q. With Qumulo, the Cloud is no longer a singular destination but rather a manageable component of your overall data strategy.



Industrial Brothers keeps animation rolling with Qumulo in the cloud.

Highly performant file in the cloud


Manage massive amounts of data for high compute workloads with real time visibility and high performance


Move data across clouds and on-prem with ease

Make cloud-native

Make all your data cloud-native—even from legacy applications with no refactoring


Launch global cloud regions, while maintaining data sovereignty and control


Build applications with AI, ML and IOT by easily connecting 3rd party software and cloud native solutions

Designed for flexibility and incredible scale

The industry’s most powerful file data platform runs on the world’s most trusted cloud platforms.

qumulo for aws
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qumulo for aws
Cloud Q
qumulo for google cloud platform
Cloud Q

How customers are succeeding in the cloud with Qumulo


FuseFX rapidly scales infrastructure with virtual workstations.


Cinesite Studios overcomes technical barriers to meet tight deadlines.

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See how radically simple it is to manage your file data at massive scale across hybrid cloud environments.