Azure Native Qumulo Scalable File Service

Provision and consume Qumulo natively in Microsoft Azure. Exabyte-scale data services now available on demand in minutes with just a few clicks.

File data in the cloud, simplified

Move workloads to the cloud without refactoring applications

Virtually unlimited scale available on demand

Deploy in your own virtual network for greater control and consume as a service for ease of operation.

  • Scale from terabytes to petabytes and thousands of files to billions in a single namespace
  • Provision and consume Qumulo services natively in Azure right from the Microsoft portal in minutes
  • Fast, simple replication to Azure
  • Real-time analytics & visibility come standard with every license
  • Natively multi-protocol for every file across SMB, NFS, and REST
  • Enterprise ready with Active Directory, Encryption at Rest, and Encryption in Transit
  • Transact via Azure Marketplace and decrement your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment
“Qumulo’s performance and scalability on Azure makes it possible for us to focus on enabling business workflows while taking advantage of cloud technology. With Qumulo we are equipped with the freedom, speed and performance we need to rapidly innovate and transform our data into business value in any environment.”

Sundhar Rajan
CIO | Casepoint

“With Qumulo on Azure, we have the freedom to focus on bringing our clients’ collections to life rather than managing infrastructure and worrying about scale limitations. With Qumulo on Azure we are able to easily create expansive digital databases so we can help our clients find what they need when they need it.”

Guy Elsmore-Paddock
Chief Technology Officer | Inveniem

How Qumulo Helps

Lift and shift workloads easily:
Single management experience and standard protocols simplify moving workloads to the cloud without refactoring applications.

Support new cloud workloads:
Build apps and Kubernetes workloads with shared data and automation for simplified management with complete APIs

Scale to meet any need:
Support PB of data under a single namespace, greater than any other file storage offering on Azure.

Qumulo on Azure licensing

$85/TB per month for standard storage
$180/TB per month for performance storage




Cost Optimized

Active Archive
Media Storage
Disaster Recovery

  • Very large capacity or file count
  • Consistent perf for any file size
  • Recovery Point, Recovery Time (RPO, RTO)

Tput Optimized

Media Editing
Seismic Analysis
Media Render Pipeline
Genomic Pipeline
Analytic Pipeline

  • Massive parallelism
  • Multi-stream
  • High throughput
  • Multi-protocol Visibility

Qumulo on Azure licensing

Right sized for your needs

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