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Upgrade to First Class with QaaS on Azure, Destination Cloud

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It’s a lot simpler to migrate to the cloud when you’re going to a fully managed, native file system service on Azure with none of the restrictions, complexity or costs that hold organizations back.

Go first-class on Azure with your high-performance workloads running efficiently at petabyte scale. 

Now, Azure customers have access to hyper-scalable file services in the cloud. Qumulo-as-a-Service (QaaS) on Azure is a native Azure service that eliminates the 100TB size restriction of other Azure file services. Our as-a-service model means you can simply subscribe to a Qumulo file system on Azure that meets your exact needs. 

It’s easy to get your workloads up and running in the cloud with QaaS on Azure. You simply request a new file system directly from the Azure Marketplace, and we take care of the rest. Watch this short demo, to see simplicity in action.

There’s no hassle with Qumulo. You tell us how much capacity and performance you need. We’ll handle the infrastructure – the compute, the storage, and the networking – behind the scenes, and then we’ll work with you to set up the VNET peering to connect your Azure network resource groups with your new QaaS filesystem subscription on Azure.

And once you’ve connected to your new Qumulo on Azure file system, you get access to all the same features as an on-premises Qumulo cluster. You can manage data usage and access with the capacity you need when you need it, using Qumulo’s real-time data analytics dashboard.

“Qumulo’s performance and scalability on Azure makes it possible for us to focus on enabling business workflows while taking advantage of cloud technology. With Qumulo we are equipped with the freedom, speed and performance we need to rapidly innovate and transform our data into business value in any environment.”
Sundhar Rajan, Chief Information Officer, Casepoint

With QaaS you can create NFS exports and SMB shares, copy or replicate data to and from your Qumulo on Azure filesystem, and treat it just like any other file management service. You get on-premises storage with the flexibility of the cloud. 

As with all Qumulo software deployments everywhere, you’ll have access to the Qumulo Core file system’s full suite of features and services, including Qumulo Aware for real-time analytics into your data. You’ll be able to monitor data usage, performance, throughput and latency for every file – even among billions of files and petabytes of data.

The sky’s the limit with a first-class managed service at an all-inclusive monthly cost.

We have always aimed for simplicity, in the data center and in the cloud. Left unmanaged, workloads generating huge numbers of files can overwhelm your infrastructure and budget. Qumulo on Azure gives you a stress-free way to manage all this unstructured data with an all-inclusive monthly price that includes the capacity and performance used. 

With Qumulo’s managed service support model on Azure, you can rest easy with a secure, hyper-scale file data management platform that can grow to whatever size you need in the cloud. Deliver petabytes of data, serving billions of files to thousands of users with simplicity at scale, with all the functionality of Qumulo on-premises for your Azure-based workloads.

Watch this webinar on demand to hear more about QaaS on Azure from Microsoft and Qumulo.

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