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Overcome Technical Debt with Qumulo in the Cloud

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25 years ago, every kid with a copy of the Pokemon role-playing video game faced a dilemma. Towards the middle of the playthrough, the player is given a water Pokemon called Lapras. This Pokemon is a mix of great typing, deep moveset and elite stats, tailor made to wreck the game’s final bosses. It is also massively under-leveled for this portion of the game. The dilemma: do you level up the weak newcomer, even though it is very difficult and requires a sidetrack, or do you keep rolling with what is working – quicker and easier now, but meaning you’ll either face an even more inconvenient training session later or miss the game-breaking ability completely.

Double Down or Play for the End Goal?

This situation, in a nutshell, is what the IT industry calls technical debt. A new technology comes along with immense potential to make the future easier for your company. But for one reason or another, this technology has to be scaled up, costing resources by way of time, training, or money. The easy option is to avoid using it and stay with what works right now; but, each time that route is taken, you are doubling down away from the new technology while competitors might be setting up in the new space before you. The kids on their first playthrough, not knowing the future, often opt to leave Lapras in the computer. While the seasoned player immediately sets off training it knowing the long-term benefit outweighs the short-term cost.

Cloud is the Lapras of IT. It has the performance and all the moves your company needs to position itself for the future. If, however, your company didn’t begin the journey to cloud already, it might seem relatively under-leveled compared to your on-premises setup. Solving this issue with the least risk and fastest time to value is a major priority of every IT leader, and is leading to a major explosion of cloud migration across every industry.

Get Up and Running on the Cloud Fast

Qumulo is here to help customers overcome the challenges of cloud migration by helping to keep your company from accumulating more technical debt and falling further behind cloud native competitors. Our file data management platform is built for cloud migration of as little or as much unstructured data as you want. Unlike legacy on-premises NAS vendors, such as Isilon or NetApp, the cloud is our strength: want to run our file data platform as object storage on AWS?…as a fully managed service on Azure? …as file data on Google Cloud? We can accomplish all of these and; in conjunction with our great data migration service providers, we can get you from fully on-premises to up and running in the cloud fast.

Our technology has been recognized the last 3 years by Gartner as a leader in distributed file systems and a leader in hybrid cloud. Simply put: no other vendor can match our combination of petabyte-scale, enterprise features and reliability in the cloud!

Our software and cloud-centric approach has been a boon to a large number of our customers. From Raynault VFX and Cinesite Studios in the media & entertainment industry to large companies in healthcare, financial services, retail, clinical laboratories and energy, Qumulo has helped many customers on their cloud journeys. These customers have all avoided putting more time, money and energy into technologies not in their strategic priorities of the future. 

In an internal survey, 70% of Qumulo customers rated our cloud-friendly feature set as the reason they choose us for their precious unstructured data. When you look at cloud as the technology of the future, another way to look at it is 70% of Qumulo customers chose us to reduce their technical debt in the cloud.

To assist the next wave of Qumulo cloud customers, we have launched a migration campaign to educate on the need to move to cloud and the help Qumulo can provide in doing it. This campaign is centered on an in-depth cloud migration guide, Cloud Migration with Qumulo: The Why and The How. Whether you are looking to develop a business case for cloud, looking for best practices in cloud migration or just curious why everyone seems to be moving to the cloud, this guide will help you understand why moving to cloud isn’t as difficult as you might think – at least, not with Qumulo’s help it isn’t!

Technical debt is everywhere and it’s scary, especially when it comes to cloud migration. But with Qumulo’s radically simple file data platform, moving your unstructured data to the cloud can be tackled without the pain and risk of going it alone. When you face the boss-fight that is competition in the cloud this year and for the rest of the decade, don’t leave your secret weapon in its Pokeball. Start training your cloud today! 

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