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Your Path to the Hybrid Cloud: Qumulo on Azure as a Service (QaaS)

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Qumulo on Azure as a Service (QaaS) is the industry’s first petabyte-scale file data management platform in the cloud delivered with the simplicity of a managed service. Now, you have even more flexibility when it comes to storing, managing, and running massive unstructured data workloads at capacity in the cloud with Qumulo’s fully managed file data platform as a service.

With QaaS, Azure customers can scale to multiple petabytes in a single namespace, enabling high capacity compute workloads across any Windows, Mac, or Linux device. The new service also makes it simple to migrate petabytes of data quickly and build limitless file data lakes without rewriting or refactoring applications.

To give you even more freedom, Qumulo’s native replication makes it easy to move data from the cloud to on-premises data center and the edge at no cost. The service also allows customers to easily move their data across private and public clouds, an increasingly critical business need as the volume of unstructured data outpaces organizations’ capacity to manage it.

Sundhar Rujan, CIO of Casepoint, spoke highly of Qumulo’s performance and scalability on Azure, saying:

”We appreciate Qumulo’s ability to serve as a platform to manage millions of files that are at the core of our business. Qumulo’s performance and scalability on Azure makes it possible for us to focus on enabling business workflows while taking advantage of cloud technology. With Qumulo we are equipped with the freedom, speed and performance we need to rapidly innovate and transform our data into business value in any environment.“

Qumulo on Azure: The industry’s first petabyte-scale file data platform delivered with the simplicity of a modern service on Azure.

Speaking to Azure customers on the added value of Qumulo on Azure, Bill Richter, CEO of Qumulo, said:

”Qumulo on Azure as a Service eliminates the trade-offs customers face in building at scale, file-based workloads in the cloud. Azure customers can now easily build file data applications with a scalable, enterprise-class and secure platform offered as a fully managed cloud native service. With Qumulo’s availability on Microsoft Azure, we can offer ultimate flexibility to run anywhere our customers want and with no need to manage hardware, software upgrades, or complicated systems at scale.”

Using Qumulo, you can easily move your on-premises workloads without having to refactor or re-architect your applications and you can scale capacity and performances in a single namespace beyond the existing capacity limits of other file systems. Qumulo on Azure natively integrates Azure services so it’s easy to connect your data. With no infrastructure management needed, Qumulo on Azure helps your overburdened IT staff scale as well.

Jurgen Willis, Vice President, Azure Storage, expressed the valuable addition Qumulo brings to Microsoft Azure customers, mentioning:

“Bringing Qumulo to Microsoft Azure is a valuable addition for customers who want to leverage the cloud to handle their massively growing unstructured datasets where traditional file protocols are needed. By combining the scalability and simplicity of the Qumulo platform with the capabilities and on-demand scale of Azure’s global infrastructure and ecosystem, organizations gain another option to support today’s demanding data workloads.”

Discover a stress free and predictable path to the hybrid cloud with Qumulo’s fully managed file data platform as a service on Azure.

Unstructured file data—at massive scale—is at the heart of innovation for healthcare, autonomous vehicles, energy, R&D, film, gaming, and more. The ability to scale performance and capacity when you need it is the key to creating, transforming, and using your unstructured file data to unlock new business insights or capture new revenue streams. Qumulo on Azure addresses five of the biggest file data challenges you may encounter while adopting the cloud:

  • Move: Migrate multi-petabytes of data, fast. No need to rewrite or refactor your applications to run on Azure.
  • Use: Access and share seamlessly from any Windows, Mac, or Linux device.
  • Connect: Combine with Azure’s artificial intelligence (AI) and Analytics services to build new models, perform data mining, and machine learning (ML).
  • Manage: Deploy, manage, and monitor performance and usage of all files with data services and API.
  • Secure: Bring the hybrid cloud to life with continuous replication and data protection integrated with Azure Security services.

Qumulo on Azure as a Service is now publicly accessible in the Azure Marketplace and is offered in a simple pay-per-use model.

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