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Data Storage Game Changer: 49ers Choose Qumulo for Safety & Security

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It’s football season and we’re thrilled to see fans come back to the stadiums to enjoy NFL games. And this year the football season is extra special as the San Francisco 49ers are ready to tackle new data plays with Qumulo!

The 49ers are the first in the NFL to choose Qumulo to serve as the team’s new data storage provider. Beginning this year we will support the 49ers operations at Levi’s Stadium and its SAP Performance Facility.

49ers: Tackling unique VSS data storage challenges with Qumulo

What the San Francisco 49ers are doing is using the Qumulo File Data Platform to extend the storage capacity of security camera feeds captured in and around the 49ers’ home venue and training facility. With Qumulo, the 49ers are unleashing the power of unstructured data to enhance security safety.

Highlighting Qumulo’s technology, Jim Mercurio, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Levi’s Stadium said:

“The safety and security of our guests and employees is a top priority for us and Qumulo’s technology has certainly helped us enhance those efforts. Though this sort of deployment may not be something people see, it allows us the capacity and capability to be more effective and efficient in our workflow. I’m looking forward to Qumulo being a part of our team and process moving forward.”

Traditional IT solutions fumble at the goal line

Like many areas of technology, the video security landscape continues to evolve. This makes managing video data storage increasingly difficult, for many reasons: 

  • There are more cameras
  • The cameras are higher resolution, which means larger files
  • You’re supporting a variety of devices
  • Retention time is increasing

The result is you need to store (a lot) more data. And traditional IT data storage solutions for VSS data are unable to hurdle over these unique challenges. When unlimited scalability and performance matters, they fumble at the goal line. Traditional IT solutions simply can’t meet today’s VSS data storage needs.

Download our VSS White Paper: Discover how a modern file storage solution can address today’s unique video surveillance storage challenges

Data storage touchdown!

For the 49ers operations at Levi’s Stadium and its SAP Performance Facility, the data storage game has changed. 

With Qumulo, what previously required 54 individual storage arrays will now be compacted into a single namespace. Paired with our data management remote monitoring service, the benefits of the 49ers partnership with us have significantly reduced management overhead. Qumulo’s data management technology has also allowed the 49ers to consolidate their data center capacity, freeing up a total of five racks of gear for future projects.

Business strategy and analytics work is also simplified. Qumulo aids issue management by providing robust and easy-to-read analytics reports, making outliers and roadblocks much easier to find. Other technical feats accomplished by the franchise include writing over 44TB of data per day and completing cluster upgrades in under five minutes.

Welcoming Qumulo to the 49ers family, 49ers Director of IT, Jim Bartholomew, said:

“We have a large employee base, a high number of data output, and a 68,500-seat stadium to manage, so our technology and systems in place need to be top of the line. Qumulo will be a great addition to our overall organizational management and I’m thrilled to welcome them to the 49ers family.” 

Qumulo: Equally thrilled to join the 49ers family

Qumulo’s advanced file data management and storage technology, and massively scalable file system, add to the reputation Levi’s Stadium has built as one of the most technologically advanced sports and entertainment venues in the world. 

In 2015, Levi’s Stadium drew international recognition by receiving the Sports Business Journal’s prestigious Sports Facility of the Year award as well as the Sports Venue of the Year at the StadiumBusiness Awards in Barcelona, Spain. The 49ers venue was also recognized for Venue Technology of the Year from Leaders in Sport in 2019 and StadiumBusiness in 2020 for the deployment of its Executive Huddle venue analytics hub.

Thrilled to join forces with the 49ers, Bill Richter, CEO of Qumulo said:

“By unleashing the power of data to enhance security and safety, the 49ers continue to stay at the forefront of stadium innovation. We’re proud to serve the 49ers as a trusted partner in delivering reliable, effective data solutions that will bring a safer fan experience to life in future seasons to come.”

Tackle your data storage with Qumulo

See how Qumulo customers rely on us for mission-critical applications, including building smart cars, developing post-production special effects for blockbuster movies, conducting vital COVID-19 research, and managing millions of documents.

Like what you see? Explore a fully functional Qumulo environment for free, right from your browser. Alternatively, you can contact us to arrange a meeting or navigate here to book a demo. 

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Lessons From the 49ers and Levi’s Stadium

Webinar replay with Qumulo CEO, Bill Richter, and 49ers’ Executive Vice President & General Manager, Jim Mercurio.

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