Video surveillance file storage made radically simple

Eliminate the storage siloes and disparate management of legacy systems. Qumulo helps ensure video data is always available when your applications and users need it.
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Video surveillance data is being created faster than ever

18EB 18EB of video data will be captured daily by 2025.*
80 percent 80% of organizations currently deploy advanced hi-resolution cameras for surveillance.*
*Statistics from IDC’s Video Surveillance Survey, 2022
  • Security Cam IconA single 4K camera can generate up to 250GB per day
  • Dashcam icon80% more cameras installed from 2015 to 2021**
  • Video Camera iconRetention periods can vary widely from a few days to over a year

**Beyond the Numbers, Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 2021

Growth and variety of data creates management complexity

VSS intake icon

1000s of cameras and feeds

Continuous video feeds of varying quality on legacy systems result in data or quality loss.

Stack Icon

Storage sprawl & management silos

Legacy systems scale rigidly and make it hard to predict capacity needs.

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Security & downtime risk

Complex management increases risk of downtime or data loss making compliance difficult to achieve.

Why Qumulo for VSS workloads

Unlimited scale

  • Start small and scale incrementally
  • 40PB and billions of files in a single namespace
  • Performance increases with capacity to eliminate bottlenecks
Unlimited Scale
Performance and value

Performance AND value

  • No trade-offs between speed or costs
  • Hybrid NVMe delivers economy of disk with the performance of flash
  • 80% of reads and 100% of writes go flash-first

More secure, minimal downtime

  • Achieve 99.999% uptime
  • Highly secure with encryption at rest and in flight
  • Integrated real-time data analytics eliminates blind spots
More secure minimal downtime

“The safety and security of our guests and employees is a top priority for us and Qumulo’s technology has certainly helped us enhance those efforts. Though this sort of deployment may not be something people see, it allows us the capacity and capability to be more effective & efficient in our workflow.”

– Jim Mercurio, Executive VP & General Manager of Levi’s Stadium

“Moving from no analytics on the legacy systems to rich analytics on Qumulo has been a game-changer. All the events, file copies, moves, and creates were hard-to-impossible to see before. Now that we have that kind of information available to us, we are able to improve our day-to-day operations and better plan for the future.”

– David Emery, Supervising Systems Administrator, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

“It’s important that we have a storage system that is always available. Because if the storage system is down, we lose video recording. Which means something might not be recorded that should have been – that’s a big issue for us. It was key that if there were to be a disk or node failure, that the system could still receive video data from the video surveillance system, versus not being available to receive data.”

– Jared Ganske, Network and Infrastructure Manager, Weber School District

Wide ecosystem support

Qumulo supports any IP-based camera and integrates with leading VMS solutions.

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Unify storage in surveillance workflows

See what simplifying VSS workflows with Qumulo looks like.

VSS diagram Legacy

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