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Built to meet today and tomorrow’s video surveillance performance, capacity and data protection needs

The amount of video surveillance data continues to grow. Improved quality and quantity of images and video used to prevent terrorist attacks and crime, protect property and improve public safety will continue to increase worldwide. In addition, many organizations are leveraging the value of video to improve business efficiencies and marketing opportunities.

Video surveillance, including Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), body cameras, and aerial surveillance, come with storage challenges. Organizations are increasing the number of cameras, moving toward higher resolutions and keeping their media assets longer. They want to keep their storage costs down even as they require more and more capacity to store their data and they want to access that data quickly.

In this market, storage demands are growing faster than budgets. Budgets can’t accommodate the cost of the performance and capacity needed, along with the desired level of protection. The most cost effective solutions have data protection built in, which is not the case with traditional storage infrastructures. It costs more to add protection, such as redundancy. Incremental infrastructure growth for traditional systems involve significant internal resources and often causes disruption. Traditional storage infrastructures are not meeting modern customer needs. This is why Qumulo delivers!

Linearly scale to support higher storage capacity and performance

Qumulo is purpose-built for demanding, data-intensive video workloads of any size. Providing a simple to manage scale-out architecture gives you control to add commodity disk capacity and storage when and where you need it, to support hundreds to thousands of surveillance devices, locally, regionally or geo-dispersed. Qumulo can support billions of files, small or large, and hundreds of Petabytes. Qumulo scales via Ethernet attached storage and processor nodes, which is ideal for integration with video management solutions.

The most efficient storage solution for video surveillance

Unlike traditional scale-out NAS storage, Qumulo assures the most cost effective fail-proof data protection for small and large files with the use of erasure coding. Unlike triple mirroring used to protect data by many legacy systems, data is protected with minimal storage overhead. Plus with Qumulo, you always are able to fully utilize the capacity you pay for. Many file system solutions reserve 15% of the purchased capacity for system administrative tasks. Qumulo technology allows organizations to use 100% of the usable capacity purchased, whereas scale-out NAS solutions typically only allow 80% utilization.

Unsurpassed data reliability and protection

With the Qumulo video surveillance storage solution, all content is quickly and reliability ingested and stored in an environment that is fully protected from failures and data loss; readily available for playback and distribution. Qumulo protects all content using erasure coding. The erasure code level used can be dialed in allowing data to be read using a percentage of fragments – typically around 60%. This delivers superior levels of availability and security protection. It is a backup-less storage solution with ability to automatically recover from hardware failures.

Real-time insight provides data-aware intelligence

Administrators can use Qumulo’s cloud-based access to monitor real-time performance, capacity and usage of the video surveillance storage solution to gain insights to immediately manage issues before they occur and efficiently make decisions for future growth.

Qumulo provides a path to the cloud

Qumulo software was designed from the ground up to allow you to seamlessly scale to private or hybrid cloud environments as and when needed.

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