Archive storage for video surveillance

Video surveillance creates unique storage challenges.

Organizations are increasing the number of cameras, moving to higher-resolution formats, and keeping media assets longer. This creates a large amount of data that needs to be archived yet accessible.

Until now, you had two options: Buy a video storage solution that is cheap… but slow. Or buy one that is fast… but expensive. Finally, there’s a better way.

Nearline Archive

The Qumulo Nearline Archive Series, the most efficient, highest performing active archive system in the market, answers the challenge of unified video surveillance data storage.

Qumulo’s solution has the economics of archive storage, nearline performance, and massive scalability in terms of capacity and the number of files it can manage.

The Nearline Archive series runs Qumulo File Fabric (QF2), the world’s most modern file storage system. QF2 can manage trillions of files and provides a single, scalable pool of external storage for video surveillance applications.

Qumulo is a Milestone certified solution.

“Archives are places where only historians go. As businesses decide that all data is valuable and usable—for the business, not for historians—a new class of storage is required. Nearline archive storage today must exhibit the economics of the traditional archive but the performance of modern scale-out.

By focusing on proprietary hardware choices, legacy vendors lock themselves into low-volume, high-cost hardware that creates a fast OR deep mentality. Qumulo, by building enterprise performance, reliability, and scale storage on standard hardware, is using cloud technology to deliver a new class of storage, the Qumulo Nearline Archive Series, that is fast, scalable, AND inexpensive.”

— Peter Godman, co-founder and CTO of Qumulo

Qumulo for CCTV storage and surveillance systems

Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) is a modern file storage system that has the performance, scalability and capacity features required by video surveillance systems. Best of all, Qumulo can run on standard hardware on premises or in the cloud (AWS).

get insight and analytics for your cctv storage system

Insight and analytics.

Customers need to do more than warehouse their data. They need to manage it. Get real-time visibility into performance, capacity, and usage.

Qumulo has the best performance of any cctv storage system

Instant access to files.

Find and retrieve the files you need, quickly and easily.

Qumulo has lower TCO compared to legacy cctv storage solutions

Lower costs.

Save on infrastructure costs with efficient power consumption and use of storage capacity.

Unmatched scalability for your cctv storage solution

Granular scaling

Add capacity incrementally. Performance and capacity increase linearly with each node you add.

Managing data with QF2 is so simple it’s hard to describe the impact. It has given us tremendous ROI in terms of time saved and problems eliminated, and having that reliable storage we can finally trust makes us eager to use it more broadly throughout the company.

John Beck — IT Manager Hyundai MOBIS

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