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How the 49ers Manage Unstructured Data to Secure Levi’s Stadium

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Levi’s Stadium, in Silicon Valley, is one of the most technologically advanced venues in the world. During a home game, the stadium holds the equivalent of a small city of 70K people. Like most large, modern venues–Levi’s Stadium has become a digital data factory, largely the result of the advanced digital cameras installed all over the sports venue that produce video at much higher resolution.

From security to parking flow to minimizing time-in-a-line–managing all this unstructured data in the form of video files is critical to ensure guests have a great experience at Levi’s Stadium. But all these high-resolution video files required more and more rack storage space in their data center. So they looked for a storage partner to help them secure the stadium and free up some space.

Tackling Data Storage Challenges to Ensure Venue Security

Check out our YouTube video to hear Jim Mercurio, the 49ers’ Executive VP and GM (a little hoarse from a Monday night football home game win) share how the 49ers tackled video surveillance and data storage complexity with Bill Richter, CEO Qumulo. The end goals of the 49ers’ partnership with Qumulo: to ensure the safety and security of guests, staff, and employees at Levi’s Stadium and enable IT to store more data in a lot less rack space.

“800 Cameras, 40 Miles of Fiber and 40 Terabytes of Data Running All Day Long”

From the storage and management of archival data to video surveillance data during home games, watch the video to hear Jim and Bill discuss how the 49ers use Qumulo’s video surveillance storage data solution to manage the volumes of unstructured data required to ensure both physical security and fans’ well being at Levi’s Stadium today. You’ll learn:

  • What Levi’s Stadium has done in order to be at the forefront of technology for ensuring venue security
  • How the 49ers handled changing data retention requirements
  • The advantages of a single namespace and scalable file data storage for video surveillance
  • The role real-time analytics can play in ensuring venue security

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