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For IIHS, data is precious cargo.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) increased their bandwidth by five times and discovered an easier way to scale.

Enterprise Proven

Evolving storage needs makes obsolete technology extinct

Widely known for its iconic green brontosaurus logo, Sinclair Oil found that its previous data storage solution was itself becoming a dinosaur. The problem surfaced as Sinclair adapted to new petro industry standards demanding digital documentation and cataloguing of corporate processes and infrastructure. For Sinclair, this meant converting and storing hundreds of thousands of documents covering procedures, safety protocols, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), spec sheets, and more.

Qumulo’s enterprise-proven hybrid cloud file storage gave Sinclair the performance it needed, and the data visibility necessary to properly monitor the rapidly growing digital system. The Sinclair team was also attracted by the immediate and actionable insights into data usage and storage performance – both of which would be critical for Sinclair’s digital repository.

“Qumulo has given us insight into our systems and storage that we just didn’t have before,” said Nathan Larsen, Director of IT for Sinclair Oil. “I can pop into the administration console and immediately see where we’re at from an IOPS standpoint, how many files we have, and when the newest files were uploaded, all of which is tremendously useful for understanding how we’re using storage.”

Sinclair Oil imported hundreds of thousands of documents to a new digital repository and found that its old storage platform couldn’t keep up. Qumulo gave Sinclair the performance it needed, and the data visibility necessary to properly monitor the rapidly growing digital system.

Award-winning VFX studio FuseFX selected Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage on AWS to meet the fast-paced deadlines of Amazon Video’s top-rated television comedy, The Tick, and other projects.

Scale Across

FuseFX’s journey to the hybrid cloud with Qumulo

Visual effects studio FuseFX has many large VFX rendering jobs that must meet the tight deadlines which characterize episodic television. The amount of power and heat that a render farm generates and the infrastructure needed to carry it is massive. 

The studio knew AWS could provide the elastic compute resources that the company needed to support its workflows and fast-paced deadlines. FuseFX also identified that they needed a modern, distributed file system that could meet the high performance compute requirements of their workloads within AWS. 

Once it’s synchronized to the Qumulo cluster in AWS, rendering can occur both locally and in the cloud at the same time. A local machine can, for example, pick up the first frame and a cloud node can pick up the second frame.

The flexibility to use the cloud both for large-scale rendering and for storage helped FuseFX keep their commitments, accelerate production, and reduce the risk of downtime which can occur with on-prem render farms. “Qumulo is at the foundation of our AWS storage solution. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to expand to the capacity that we have,” said Jason Fotter, co-founder and CTO at FuseFX.

Real-Time Visibility

Hyundai MOBIS Relies on Qumulo to Develop the Future of the Connected Car

In the last century, the automobile has transitioned from a simple piece of machinery to one of the most technically sophisticated and connected platforms on the planet. Every sensor and every system on connected cars generates a steady stream of information. Research and development teams are analyzing massive file and data sets, and dealing with the volume, velocity, and variety of that data creates an inconvenient challenge for researchers.

Autonomous driving is a core focus for Hyundai MOBIS that requires its team to analyze terabytes of real-world video data. This global top-tier automotive parts supplier was using a scale-up storage option that became too fragmented and expensive to efficiently handle the load. Qumulo’s enterprise-proven hybrid cloud file storage system, provided the performance, scalability, and simplicity they were missing, at a price that was too good to pass up.

In expanding the deployment, The Hyundai MOBIS team is particularly keen to take advantage of Qumulo’s real-time analytics. “As we scale the system to handle data globally, having a real-time view of everything that’s happening on the cluster will be critical for staying ahead of the needs of other teams,” said John Beck, IT Manager for Hyundai MOBIS.

Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage system offers Hyundai MOBIS real-time visibility, scale, and control of data, both on-prem and in the cloud. Qumulo software provided the performance and scale they required, while its NVMe-first hybrid architecture leveraged affordable commodity hardware to keep costs low.

Sight & Sound Theatres has been bringing Bible stories to life on stage for more than 40 years. The organization’s audio and creative teams generate massive volumes of data, which needs to be protected and available to users, whether at home or at work.

Take Control

For Sight & Sound Theatres, Qumulo’s reliable, scalable and secure file storage provides peace of mind and simplified system management.

Sight & Sound Theatres is one of the top three theater destinations in the country. Educating and delighting millions of people every year requires reliable infrastructure technology. 

As the theatres grew, their existing storage solution became more and more unwieldy to manage. Sight & Sound’s IT team put archived data on other shares as a potential solution, which caused confusion when users were looking for assets. As users began needing access from outside the building from iPads and Windows machines, the permissions became difficult to oversee. Sight & Sound faced challenges with losing files, permissions and the inability to access resources from any device.

Qumulo’s real-time analytic capabilities helped Sight & Sound’s IT team become better aware of data usage and bottlenecks. Sight & Sound’s IT team relies on the ability to replicate and snapshot data within the Qumulo file system the most. “We are more confident in the services we are providing to our users. We also have less risk of data loss due to the new setup. We love that we can have our digital assets protected offsite and that they are able to be recovered from accidental deletion onsite quickly and easily,” said Kevin McGillicuddy, IT Infrastructure Supervisor for Sight & Sound.

Customer Delight

For Capsilon, simple storage offers a path to seamless innovation

Capsilon’s mission is to transform the entire mortgage experience with technology solutions that create significant efficiencies and enable better decision-making at every step. They help customers to store documents long term, and help them automate that process. Offering this level of efficiency to customers requires seamless infrastructure. 

Capsilon’s data-intensive workload puts rigorous demands on their storage system. With such a high number of small files and their volume rapidly scaling with their business, the infrastructure team selected Qumulo. 

Capsilon’s Director of Infrastructure Todd Richert was impressed with the real partnership forming with Qumulo, particularly the option of working with the Qumulo team through Slack.

“I can’t say enough about how flexible and available Qumulo staff have been. If I post a question in my customer Slack channel, I’ve got an answer almost always within minutes.” Said Richert. 

“Whenever I have a concern, I feel that Qumulo representatives, regardless of who they are, are genuinely concerned and want to make it better. Every case is treated as a unique individual case. I feel like the people know my systems, and they care about me.”

Capsilon chose Qumulo to handle an increasingly high number of small files. Their mortgage business relies on Qumulo for scaling their storage and gaining visibility into what is happening with their data at scale.

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