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Simplicity: Managing Unstructured Data as-a-Service on Azure

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Qumulo, the modern file data management platform for your unstructured data is now available with Qumulo as a service on Azure. Qumulo is managing unstructured data as a native service delivering simplicity at petabyte scale, anywhere. 

Qumulo on Azure as a Service (QaaS) is the first file data platform that delivers on the promise of hyperscale for your unstructured data workloads.

We’ve focused on solving the challenges of unstructured data by freeing the filesystem from proprietary hardware, creating a flexible foundation that lets you choose how and where you deploy Qumulo. Our file data platform features and innovations have helped customers from every sector, like Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, and Research Computing.   

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“With Qumulo on Azure, we have the freedom to focus on bringing our clients’ collections to life rather than managing infrastructure and worrying about scale limitations. With Qumulo on Azure we are able to easily create expansive digital databases so we can help our clients find what they need when they need it.”

Modern file data management is driving business initiatives that matter across AI and Machine Learning, High-Performance Collaboration, Health Monitoring, and Data Aggregation at the Edge. You can manage your file data wherever it resides: on-premises with your preferred hardware vendor, at the edge, or with our Qumulo on Azure as a service, knowing you’ll have the same features and management tools everywhere.

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You can easily migrate, build, scale, and create large file-based data lakes in a single, scalable namespace for all of your workloads with Qumulo’s fully managed service delivered on Azure Marketplace.

Attend the webinar to hear Qumulo’s cloud experts, Fahad Qureshi, VP of Cloud Sales and Keith Nargi, Field CTO of Systems Engineering, unpack the value of Qumulo on Azure. QaaS provides the full software-powered Qumulo experience delivered as a managed service on Azure:

  • Petabyte scale data lakes to enable high-compute workloads
  • High performance via Azure Premium Page Blobs
  • Multi-protocol support for Windows, Mac, and Linux clients
  • Real-time data visibility and management (full UI and API)
  • Available in Azure Marketplace

“Qumulo’s performance and scalability on Azure makes it possible for us to focus on enabling business workflows while taking advantage of cloud technology. With Qumulo we are equipped with the freedom, speed and performance we need to rapidly innovate and transform our data into business value in any environment.”

Get up and running with speed and ease with Qumulo’s radically simple implementation–on premises and in the cloud.

With a fully managed file data management and storage service, you can focus on your unstructured data workloads, and not on the infrastructure they’re running on. This means:

  • No data silos
  • No complex sizing and pricing
  • No deployment or management of software and infrastructure
  • No re-writing or refactoring of your applications for object (blob)
  • No need to leave your file apps on-premises
  • No upgrade management

Plus, Qumulo’s Intelligent Cloud Monitoring services offer proactive care and peace of mind from the most agile and responsive customer success program in the industry. And with continuous deployment of new releases, every 2 weeks, you can look forward to innovative new features that let you get more from your data.   

See how to focus on your data’s value instead of the infrastructure.
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We’ve always aimed for simplicity, in the data center, and at scale. Now Qumulo has simplified cloud file storage with its new as a Service filesystem on Azure. Deployed as a native service from the Azure Marketplace and connected to your Azure subscription, Qumulo on Azure eliminates space limits and management challenges. You get the same Qumulo tools and features, including petabyte-plus scalability, without the complexity and guesswork of do-it-yourself cloud file storage.

Qumulo is a featured partner at Microsoft Inspire 2021–a free virtual event–where you can watch a deep-dive VoD session on how our managed service helps customers simplify cloud storage on Azure.

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