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Qumulo runs on any commodity hardware, anywhere

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Qumulo runs on any commodity hardware, anywhere

Are you stuck with depreciated or under-utilized storage hardware? Most enterprise file data storage sold today comes from legacy vendors selling appliances that require you to buy their bundle and lock you into their ecosystem.

Storage companies like NetApp and Isilon (now part of Dell) were created in the 1990s and early 2000s, at a time when hard drives topped out in the gigabytes and commercial SSDs were all but nonexistent. Companies that wanted to provide big and fast storage systems had to build from the ground up, starting with customized hardware that made it possible. This caused their software architecture to follow suit and depend on the intricate hardware design, including specialty components like non-volatile RAM. Those same software architectures persist today, keeping your data stuck on their hardware with no way out.

Some modern companies are repeating the same mistakes, building their products on custom servers with embedded flash or specialty components like storage class memory. They might disguise the expensive custom hardware with novel pricing and packaging, but ultimately they’re running the same appliance play as legacy vendors.

Hardware on your terms

Today, we’re opening the aperture and allowing customers to run Qumulo on any enterprise-grade servers. Qumulo Core will auto-discover and activate the underlying components in your system, allowing you to take full advantage of their performance and capacity. This change unlocks the choice to run on whatever hardware you want. Choose from an array of qualified hardware partners, build a solution with your preferred vendor, or leverage what you already have.

Why storage should always be software

Appliances have dominated enterprise storage for the last 30 years. They’re outdated. Qumulo’s ability to run on any hardware provides significant benefits to your business. We give you the flexibility of choosing the hardware vendor that works best for you.

  1. Wear the glove that fits

    With Qumulo, you’re not forced to choose from a limited set of hardware options that don’t fit your performance, capacity, or environmental requirements.

  2. Keep your options open

    Don’t let your data get held hostage by hardware lock-in. With Qumulo, you can expand or refresh with any hardware, no matter what you started with. And you can do it all without migration.

  3. Manage storage hardware like any hardware

    Managing a datacenter is hard. It’s even harder when you have different hardware from a different vendor for each task. Why install unique, custom appliances with their own management lifecycles when you can leverage the same platforms you’re already using?

  4. Keep costs down

    With choice comes competition. Budgets are tighter than ever and getting the right storage hardware from the right manufacturer (or even using what you already have!) gets you more mileage at a reduced cost.

  5. One platform, anywhere

    Organizations are now hybrids. They run infrastructure from public cloud to private cloud to edge. Hardware-based solutions are cumbersome or impossible to deploy in all of these environments; Qumulo runs natively in each.

Check out our platform partners or contact Qumulo today to get started.

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