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Biggest Release in Company History

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Earlier this year I wrote about the new paradigm in unstructured data called Scale Anywhere. Last week, Qumulo launched the biggest release in company history and a monumental leap forward in delivering that vision for customers.

Why does Scale AnywhereTM matter? Because IT operates everywhere. Our customers rely on data centers, edge locations and public clouds to manage their data and power their applications. Their organizations demand every modality of data infrastructure, each with their own set of advantages, to deliver on their missions. Now customers have a single platform for all their unstructured data, wherever it needs to be, on their terms.

Last week’s announcements extend our vision of Scale Anywhere to the next level:

  • Azure Native Qumulo (ANQ). Co-developed with Microsoft, ANQ is a native file service on Azure that provides the world’s first no compromise cloud file storage combining the scale, durability, and elasticity of Azure Blob with the performance, data services, and protocol compatibility of the industry’s leading file system. It costs 80% less than other native file service solutions and has a TCO that rivals on-prem storage with all the advantages of the public cloud.
  • Qumulo Global NameSpace (Q-GNS). Q-GNS allows users and applications to access geographically dispersed data as though it were local and provides a unified data plane across all Qumulo environments.
  • Nexus. Qumulo’s universal management platform. Nexus is a ‘single pane of glass’ management that allows users to control all aspects of Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere™ platform and obtain real-time analytics on their data across edge, core, and cloud locations.
  • Any Platform. Qumulo can now run on the data center hardware platform of your choice. Now customers can utilize standard hardware form factors that include the lowest cost configurations all the way to the highest performance all NVMe platforms that conform with their data center or edge location requirements.
  • Qumulo One. An all-in-one, pricing plan that allows customers to pay for all their Qumulo environments based only on consumption with built in discounts provided automatically as datasets scale. This even allows our customers’ dollars to follow their data as they align it to the right environment

When data, applications and people work together, the results are significant. Movies are released on time, cars become safer, factory throughput increases, new medications are created and patient lives improve.

These outcomes fuel our innovative passions at Qumulo. We know 1000’s of customers rely on us to serve their mission critical operations and are counting on us to help them deliver. We are proud of today’s announcements and making Scale AnywhereTM a reality for customers. The world keeps moving forward and we know our job is to always stay ahead of it for you.

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