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Leading with vision: preparing for the Scale Anywhere™ future

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Gartner® just positioned Qumulo as a Leader in the Distributed File and Object Magic Quadrant™ for the 6th straight year, and we couldn’t be more honored by the continued recognition. Importantly, Qumulo is the undisputed leader on the all-important Completeness of Vision dimension. 

A thousand customers and hundreds of thousands of end users rely on Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere™ data platform to manage the mission-critical applications that run their business.  It’s because of our passionate customers and the Qumulo team members who obsess over their experience that we have achieved this awesome recognition.  

Gartner first published the Distributed File and Object MQ in 2006, splintering it from the general storage segment when they recognized a sea change in how unstructured data was being used in the enterprise. A whole new set of unstructured data use cases were emerging as enterprises digitized everything from media content to DNA sequences to oil fields, and the only way to keep up was a distributed architecture.

A new sea change that is far more significant is upon us now. Hybrid IT — running applications in the public cloud, data centers, and at the edge — has now become standard for the enterprise. AI use cases accelerate this new operating model even faster, as customers race to access the latest tools, wherever they are, with valuable data amassed over decades.  

Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere™ architecture is designed for hybrid IT, offering a common platform for customers to run their unstructured data applications anywhere, at scale, economically, and securely. That capability is exactly what customers need right now, and why Gartner recognized our vision as the most complete among all other vendors in the category.  

Qumulo is among some worthy competitors in this category, big and small. The cloud deniers and cloud washers have been called out for their tone-deaf insistence on more of the same, more of yesterday. The box and bezel vendors, with their jubilation in flash, ruler drives, storage class memory and flashy self-congratulatory marketing, were passed over and now have more time to play with their toys. Customers count on their providers to stay ahead of their needs, not to reminisce about the good ol’ days.   

We’re a little different at Qumulo. We build software that leverages standard hardware in the data center and native primitives in the cloud to offer customers the ability to Scale Anywhere™ on their terms. By being relentlessly curious and customer-obsessed, it’s not hard to see where customers are headed, and our vision is quite simply to help them get to their future faster.

While we’re quietly proud, no one at Qumulo is stopping to smell the roses — our mission is too important. We know we can do even more as our customer adoption grows and their data scales. With all that’s been accomplished, we’re just getting started.  


Stay tuned – our biggest launch in Qumulo history is just a few days away on November 9th!    

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