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Qumulo Makes Waves at HPE Discover 2022

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Last month Qumulo participated in HPE Discover, the cloud-to-edge conference, and it was a great opportunity to reconnect with joint customers, prospects, and strategic partners after two years of virtual events. Qumulo was named HPE’s Global Storage Partner of the Year, a huge milestone for the company, emblematic of the companies’ joint momentum.

“It is an honor to recognize Qumulo as the winner of the HPE Global Storage Partner of the Year 2022,” said Patrick Osborne, Vice President of Storage Business Unit. “Qumulo and HPE have worked together to help customers securely manage file data and advance the modernization of their IT infrastructure on-premises, off-premises, and in modern hybrid cloud environments.” 

In its previous fiscal year (“FY22”), Qumulo grew its business with HPE by more than 70%, across every major geographic theater and in various  industries, including media & entertainment, automotive, healthcare, government, and finance. Customers rely on HPE and Qumulo to store and securely manage files on-prem, off-prem, or in a modern hybrid cloud environment. 

Joint customers scale with Qumulo and HPE

Nothing demonstrates the strong partnership between the two companies better than the success of their joint customers around the globe.

Auckland Transport: Improving City-wide Visibility and Safety

Auckland Transport operates in an always-on world in one of New Zealand’s largest, fastest-growing urban cities, home to 1.7 million people. Their video camera network records footage to manage city-wide traffic flow, and deter public safety infractions, violence or crime. 

“Our closed-circuit television (CCTV) network is all about keeping an eye on what’s happening around the city from a safety perspective,” said Roger Jones, Executive General Manager, Business Technology at Auckland Transport.

Unfortunately, the camera footage is overwritten after time, while data grows with increased use cases and more cameras throughout the city. This was problematic for AT, with limited scalability of its video management system (VMS), which creates a petabyte of data per week. The agency is also required to save the footage for seven years in case of public safety incidents.

They chose Qumulo running on the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. “It delivers the value that we, as a public agency, need,” said Jones. Specifically, AT transitioned its VMS to the Qumulo File Data Platform on an HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 server running on the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. HPE handled their end-to-end transition. AT shifted its camera feeds and was up and running.

“Our CCTV network supports so many different use cases across the city, and the beauty of it is that they all are supported by one back-end system.”

With the combined solution of Qumulo and HPE, AT gained measurable benefits, including:

  • A reliable file system that handles unstructured data in the exabyte range.
  • The ability to support 60% more cameras, scaling from 2,500 to 4,000 for improved visibility into Auckland street-level activity.
  • A 41% reduction in their data center footprint; they went from 68 rack units across three racks to 40 rack units across two racks at a co-located data center.
  • A 37% decrease in energy consumption and reduced carbon emissions from lower power and cooling in a system two-thirds the size.
  • Reduced upfront costs and a pay-by-use model that handles requirements for disaster recovery, backup, and user management without needing to use third-party applications.

Lexington Medical: PACS Imaging and Disaster Recovery

Joint healthcare customer Jason Cherry, Director of IS Technology Services for Lexington Medical, shared his insights on his experience working with Qumulo and HPE

Cherry outlined how Qumulo and HPE helped their organization lower both CapEx and OpEx spending, simultaneously reducing his team’s workload. He also touched on how much he likes the Qumulo File Data Platform’s built-in analytics tools.

“The administration of the hospital loves the cost-effectiveness (of Qumulo). We saved about $150,000 right off the bat,” said Cherry.

One nice, welcome surprise was the reaction of his organization’s medical team.

“Retrieving long-term archival radiology images is so much faster on the Qumulo than it was with Isilon. To the point where the radiologists actually noticed and asked what we had done.”

For more information on Qumulo and HPE, please see our joint solutions overview.

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