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Lexington Medical Scales Its Imaging Library and Disaster Recovery with Qumulo and HPE

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Leading South Carolina Healthcare Provider Gains New Insights and Reduces Costs

In March, the largest healthcare IT conference in the world, the HIMSS Global Health Expo and Conference, took place in Orlando, Florida, with more than 28,000 attendees eager to connect. One of Qumulo’s top healthcare customers, Jason Cherry, Director of IS Technology Services for Lexington Medical Center, shared his insights during a live presentation with our partner HPE. As part of a Q&A session, Cherry spoke with Qumulo’s Director of Alliances, Zaher Hulays, about the challenges his organization faced while building a medical imaging repository. 

Qumulo + HPE streamline and reduce costs for medical imaging libraries

How Qumulo + HPE are redefining data storage in healthcare

During the presentation, Cherry explained how Qumulo and HPE helped his organization lower both CapEx and OpEx spending, while simultaneously reducing his team’s workload. Before deploying Qumulo, Lexington Medical Center was experiencing poor small file efficiency and high operational overhead. Without built-in analytics tools, the team often felt like they were “dumpster diving” to gain insight into their data. Cherry voiced that storage efficiency was a giant issue and the team knew a change was needed. 

Here are some of the top insights Cherry shared, plus show highlights and the full discussion.

Improved performance retrieving archived data

“Retrieving long term archival radiology images is so much faster on the Qumulo than it was with Isilon. To the point where the radiologists actually noticed and asked what we had done.”

Exceptional tech support

“First and foremost, the level of support we got from Qumulo was just absolutely fantastic. Very hands on. They were there every step of the way. We did a POC, and the performance just blew the engineers away.”

Transparent pricing & significant savings

“The administration of the hospital loves the cost-effectiveness (of Qumulo). We saved about $150,000 right off the bat. All of the tools were included as part of the suite. There was no sticker shock. We didn’t get attached to a certain cool feature, fall in love with it, and then get hit with a massive bill.”

Improved data autonomy

“The ability to go out to the cloud when we need it is going to be really important moving forward. We are very concerned about business continuity and disaster recovery as I think most healthcare organizations are, and having some of that flexibility with Qumulo really helps us plan for that.”

Improved storage efficiency & reduced operating expenses

“One of our storage admins is retiring at the end of the year so we’re starting to plan for it. I was getting ready to backfill his position, and one of the other engineers came to me and said he didn’t think we needed to hire another storage person. Not with the tools that Qumulo provides.”

Executive buy-in

“Bringing the cost factors to the CFO really opened his eyes. When he saw how well the solution worked he opted to buy it outright, unbudgeted. So he went to the board and got the money. That’s how much he believed in the technology.”

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