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How Qumulo Data Storage Beats NetApp and Isilon Hands Down!

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Learn why enterprises are ditching the cost and complexity of NetApp and Isilon and moving to Qumulo.

In the last 10 years, managing data storage has become a lot more complex with exponential data sprawl, hyperactive analytics workflows, and relatively new use cases like IoT and Edge computing, and cloud migration. If you’ve been on this ride with legacy storage from NetApp or Isilon, you may be lying awake at night worrying about how you’re going to migrate to the cloud, control data usage, automate your infrastructure, or make room for more hardware to scale. 

With a legacy enterprise data storage solution, your infrastructure costs and the effort required to manage are likely spiraling out of control and your storage vendor has no practical solution. Worst of all, this daily hassle is distracting you from an incredible business advantage — being able to mine and leverage your data rather than just store it. 

According to Gartner, “It is increasingly becoming imperative for organizations to stay competitive and make smart analytical decisions. However, it has been repeatedly found that around 80% – 90% of an organizations’ data is largely semi-structured or unstructured and is never used.”

Instead of buying more of the same expensive legacy hardware appliances from vendors like NetApp or Isilon that offer little innovation, are complicated to use and even harder to scale, consider Qumulo. We’ve designed and built a unified file system from the ground up to handle modern data challenges. It is powerful enough to take on the world’s unstructured data anywhere, at any scale, yet infinitely flexible and refreshingly simple to use. 

The Qumulo File Data Platform runs on-premises on a variety of server platforms, and in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform with access to hundreds of cloud-native services. Our comprehensive API enables you to integrate and customize Qumulo’s file system to your specific workloads.

“We are in a much safer and more secure model today because our new system is all API-driven.”

“Being able to access real-time data helps us make informed decisions.”
~Guru Studios

Enterprises are ditching the cost and complexity of NetApp and Isilon and moving to Qumulo.

The Problems with NetApp and Dell/Isilon… 

Unlike Qumulo, NetApp is locked into proprietary hardware and architectures pioneered more than 25 years ago that were designed in an era before the explosion of unstructured data and before the cloud. 

NetApp ONTAP is a large, complex product. Long product release cycles leave customers waiting years for minor features, while many critical innovations cannot be delivered on the old NetApp architecture.

  • ONTAP was designed well before today’s cloud-era, and can only work in the cloud with significant limitations
  • ONTAP uses outdated RAID for data protection which is inefficient, complex to manage, and can leave data at risk during rebuild events
  • ONTAP doesn’t provide real-time analytics or real-time system control
  • ONTAP is decades old and has sprawled into a collection of components that need to be purchased and integrated to get a complete enterprise solution. 
  • ONTAP is complex, expensive to buy and learn, and frustrating to use 

Similarly for Dell/Isilon, the size, complexity, and business-critical nature of unstructured data storage has grown dramatically since the introduction of Isilon’s scale-out NAS architecture. Times have changed and enterprises need to move forward with modern architectures.

  • Dell is a hardware company with a business model designed to keep you purchasing Dell gear year after year
  • Dell / Isilon OneFS lets you use only about 80% of usable capacity
  • Isilon OneFS doesn’t provide real-time analytics, or real-time system control
  • Isilon OneFS uses outdated file-based erasure coding (not block-based like Qumulo) which makes rebalance and rebuild time dependent on file size and can take days to complete, impacting performance and leaving data at risk
  • Isilon OneFS has a limited solution for cloud which doesn’t support active workloads, and isn’t available in all regions
  • Dell /Isilon support is frustrating

Qumulo has enabled us to boost Cinesite’s competitive position within the industry. We haven’t looked back.”

“I sleep a lot better at night than I used to with Netapp. I sleep much better after we put in Qumulo”
~Mamiye Bros

The Qumulo Advantage – What’s in it for you?

See how Qumulo’s unified file data platform makes managing unstructured data radically simple so you can focus on your data, not your legacy storage infrastructure. Watch the video.

See How Qumulo Stacks Up Against NetApp and Isilon 

Qumulo Core is a unified, high-performance file data platform designed to help you store, manage, and build workflows and applications with data in its native file form at massive scale, across on-premises and cloud environments. With Qumulo’s modern, software-defined solution, you won’t be lying awake at night worrying about storage costs, complexity, data silos or finding a path to the cloud. 

See how Qumulo stacks up against NetApp or Dell/Isilon across these seven parameters:

  1. Freedom to choose-you’re never locked in to proprietary hardware
  2. Cloud support–full enterprise features and 100% compatibility between on-premises and cloud environments
  3. Efficiency–use up to 100% of your capacity without performance penalty
  4. Security comes standard with Qumulo–built in software-based encryption
  5. Analytics and simple management–monitor and control usage in real time
  6. Performance and scale–unlimited, linear scale, and all flash performance
  7. The best support in the business! Customer satisfaction NPS of 80+ for 4 years

“The Qumulo support team is amazing. With NetApp, we’d get an alert after a failure, not before. Qumulo’s proactive monitoring is a pretty cool advantage and the best service experience I’ve ever had — it seems like they’re actually watching out for us.”
~Hyundai MOBIS

Is your old NAS holding you back?

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