Cloud Migration with Qumulo

Dreaming of the scale, flexibility, and efficiency of cloud storage?

Qumulo paves the path for you

It’s Time to Move Your Workload to the Cloud!

From large media and entertainment companies, to world-class financial firms, autonomous vehicle manufacturers, biomedical research labs, and government agencies, IT departments are running into a data center problem.

Between the explosion of unstructured data, ever-increasing capacity requirements, new remote collaboration needs and stringent budgets, the data center and its capital expenditures are a hurdle to innovation and becoming harder and harder to justify.

Moving to cloud is the obvious solution for unlimited performance and capacity, enabling remote workers, and lowering total cost of ownership. How do you get there with minimal risk? Qumulo is here to help answer that question for your organization.

Optimized For:

Future-Proof your IT Infrastructure

Imagine turning racks and racks of hardware into APIs and cloud services at the scale your organization requires.

We make it radically simple to migrate unstructured data workloads to the cloud

Migrate to Cloud Faster

Speed time to value by moving the data you need through our replication services – no need to provision space for each workload or refactor applications for the cloud.

Cost Control and Predictability

Pay only for what you need with Qumulo in the cloud – no added charges for hardware, utilities, security of on-prem, etc. The TB you use is the only TB you pay for.

Massive Scale

Go beyond the data maximums that cloud providers support natively: Qumulo can handle multi-petabyte loads with ease.

Why Migrate to the Cloud with Qumulo?

As a three-time leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage – including top honors in hybrid cloud – Qumulo’s software-defined file data platform delivers a successful outcome during every step of your cloud journey. Migrating with Qumulo allows your organization to move workloads off-premises without worrying about storage scale or performance. 
  • Unlimited Scale in a single namespace: Whether you are looking to migrate a single workload or your entire data center, Qumulo is the only hyperscale unstructured data management platform that is truly at home in the cloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud: With Qumulo you can easily replicate and maintain your data on-prem and in the public cloud.
  • Freedom of choice: You can use Qumulo on AWS and GCP and Azure and avoid having to refactor or rearchitect applications.
  • Multi-protocol: enable workload with support across Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Powerful Data Services included: From a comprehensive API that enables you to integrate and customize. Qumulo to your specific workloads, to ITOps real-time analytics with our Data-Aware services and our automatic cloud monitoring service through Qumulo Care, Qumulo File Data Management Platform delivers.

Unleash Unstructured Data at Hyperscale with Zero Burden

Excited about the idea of an unstructured data management platform as a service? Go deeper with this datasheet.