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Cinesite Sustains Lightning-Fast Cloud Rendering with Qumulo & AWS

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Learn how Cinesite uses high-speed cloud rendering to meet intense production deadlines with help from Qumulo and AWS.

Leading digital entertainment company Cinesite has worked on a wide number of highly anticipated animated feature films and series such as the Addams Family 2 and Iwaju from Disney Animation and Kugali. The pressure to meet production deadlines is intense, and this year they ran into some challenges that were jeopardizing their ability to stay on schedule. 


The company turned to Qumulo and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a modern, cloud-native solution to get things back on track. With Qumulo Cloud Q on AWS, Cinesite was able to overcome technical barriers in its creative workflows and deliver exceptional imagery on schedule. Even better, a recent analysis revealed they are able to maintain exceptionally quick cloud-based rendering speed for much longer than previously expected. 

Burst scaling at a rate of 1.3 million IOPS for upwards of 5 hours at a time, with peaks as high as 2 million IOPS

“Our team has been able to sustain burst scaling at a rate of 1.3 million IOPS for upwards of 5 hours at a time, with peaks as high as 2 million IOPS. This is a level unheard of in the past, and it highlights how much Qumulo has helped us to condense our production timelines when required and allow artists to have more iterations in less time, overall resulting in higher-quality final work.”

Jeremy Brousseau, Head of IT, Cinesite Vancouver

IOPS is a metric used to measure the performance of a storage network. It indicates the number of input or output operations it can perform in a single second. Cinesite was able to maintain these figures while the data throughput hovered between 10GBps to 20GBps.

Cinesite relies on collaboration between more than 1,000 digital artists and staff members based in four major sites across North America and the United Kingdom. The sustained rendering speed they now experience with Qumulo Cloud Q on AWS helps to enable this global collaboration. 


Ability to predict, plan and scale on-demand puts time back in the day

“Now that we can predict, plan and most importantly rely on being able to scale on-demand to an arbitrarily large cloud-based render setup, we have the flexibility to keep artists working smoothly. Qumulo and AWS have made a real impact on our productivity and cost controls. It’s literally put time back into our day.”

Jeremy Brousseau, Head of IT, Cinesite Vancouver

Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file data software runs the same enterprise file system in the cloud as on-prem, and data can be natively and seamlessly replicated between instances or across regions. It can be spun up in minutes, and torn down just as quickly. The solution’s consistent performance and elastic scale have enabled a complete shift in Cinesite’s project scheduling and render forecasting. 

Cinesite celebrates 30 years of spellbinding visual effects and animation

Watch Cinesite’s sizzle reel that celebrates 30 years of blockbuster feature movies with spellbinding visual effects and animation.

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Read the Cinesite case study to learn how Qumulo and AWS worked with Cinesite to solve network freezing of on-prem storage nodes, achieve high-performance rendering on AWS, and enable cloud deployment in the current pipeline and in all strategic plans.


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